My little butterfly girl

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55. Section 3, ch 55

Luhan's pov

We stood around the shrine waiting for Sargent and the two new guys to get here.

Lay looked at the shrine and sighed, I patted his back "it will be okay" I said

He nodded and jr looked at lay "did you know him?" Jr asked

Lay nodded

"I'm sorry" he said

Sargent came over followed by two guys dressed in full uniform

"Here are the new guys, minhyun and baekho" Sargent said 

They bowed and jr smiled "never except to see you to here" jr said 

Minhyun smiled "same to you" he said 

Baekho stood next to me as the ceremony begun. I looked at the shrine, a picture, his uniform, flowers,grave stone I sighed 

It felt like part of the army was gone sense tao died.

I just didn't understand, on the news it said he was kidnapped, a couple days later they found his body at the bottom of the rive.

I looked at the Sargent, his eyes where teary his voice was crackly. Was I really seeing Sargent cry?

Xiumin was crying along with changjo and cap, lay comforted xiumin as he cried 

Down in the pit of my stomach I wanted to cry, but I didn't want the others to know me as a weakling so I just sucked it back and sighed.

By the time it was over, me and mir headed back to our dorm

Mir seemed very jumpy and nervous. I placed a hand on his shoulder and he jumped back

"Whoa, are you okay?" I asked him

I sat back and looked at me nodding "just peachy" he said sitting down

I nodded "you just seem very jumpy lately" I said 

He gulped "I really don't want to talk about it" he said 

I nodded, it was understandable. But why does he look like he's scared to death of me?

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