My little butterfly girl

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54. Section 3, ch 54

Her pov

I turned on the TV, it was 10:00 and I couldn't sleep, luhan left for china today and for some reason it was much harder for him to leave this time

I sighed and picked up my iPad 

I went on Instagram and seen that yong guk started following me. 

I thought if I should follow him back, I wasn't sure if I should.

I looked at his page, he had lots of videos on his page

He had one of himchan and zelo, I clicked on it and watched it 'these to losers lol' was wrote at the bottom

I sighed and clicked the follow button any way, maybe it was a good thing to have accesses to his account.

I looked up at the TV and seen that the newest star was on.

I put my iPad down and turned it up a bit

"This episode we well be joined by, teen top, nu'est, btob and the newest group who just debuted last night, bap" the host said 

Bap? I thought I kept watching till it went to commercia, I got up and got some ice cream

 I sat back on the couch looking at the screen and seeing, zelo!

"What?!" I said

"Hi, I'm here with bap, introduce yourselves?" She said

Yong guk took the mic "i am the leader, yong guk"

"I am the groups visual, himchan" himchan said

"I am the main vocalist, young jae" young jae said

"I am dancing boy Jong up" Jong up said

It got to zelo and he took the mic "hi, I am the mankane, zelo" he said

"No way" I said

"So I hear you guys have debuted just last night" the host said

"Yes, we debuted with our song warrior" young guk said

"I heard it this morning, very catchy. What is your next song?" She asked

Zelo took the mic and held it to his mouth "our next song will be out in a mouth, where getting help from chunji of teen top and park bom of 2ne1, our next song is called coffee shop. It's in memory of our friend daehyun who isn't here anymore, it was his dream to be a singer and now we are going to make that dream happen for him" zelo said

Aweeeeeee I thought in my head

I like these guys

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