My little butterfly girl

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53. Section. 3, ch 53

Zelos pov

Me,youngjae,yongguk, Jong up and himchan walked into the ts entertainment centre

Our manager walked up to us and showed us to the set.

"Here is where you'll be filming the music video for warrior, now come on this way to the stylist" he said

We followed him and I felt this rush of excitement in the pit of my gut. 

We walked into a room where a rack of cloths where, our names where written on the tags of different outfits. There where five chairs, a desk full of make up and hair products.

I was just wondering how brittany would feel if she found out.

I sighed as 5 girls walked in 

"These girls will be doing your hair and make up" our manager said "when your ready come out to the set" he said before leaving

A girl looked at me "sit down" she said 

I did what she said and she begun doing my make up

"How old are you?" She asked

"I8" I said looking at her 

She nodded and continued on 

By the time we finished we walked out to the set 

"This is so exciting" Jong up said wile doing some stretches 

"What are you doing?" Young jae asked Jong up

"Warm up, where dancing to remember" Jong up said

"Oh yeah, my legs still hurt from the three hour practice you made us do last night" young jae said

"Don't start a argument" himchan said.

They nodded and a dude walked up to us 

"Hey I am your director" he said

"Hello" yong guk said

He gave us some directions and we stood in our places waiting.

When we finally got home we all fell straight to sleep. Besides yong guk he stayed up watching TV 

"What time is it?" I asked

"7:00 pm" young jae said

I nodded and turned over falling asleep

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