My little butterfly girl

Read to find out


52. Section 3, ch -52-

Her pov Luhan said he wasn't feeling will so be was upstairs lying in bed. I was downstairs with sehun who was happily reading a book wile I looked through Instagram. I went on zelos page like I did every other day I seen he uploaded a new photo of him and some girl I clicked on it and read the caption 'met up with this awesome chick today, follow follow follow' was wrote at the bottom A good friend? I thought I really had no clue what to think. I got bored so I decided to look at himchans page sense zelo was such good friends with him He had a lot of pictures with young guk and the other two. I seen one of him and zelo, I clicked on it 'this here is zelo! My little buddy, new addition to the group love you man' I read I started to get confused, wasn't he supposed to be in a gang? Although when I thought about it he did stand In front of a bullet for zelo's sake. I hesitated but pressed the follow button. I turned off my I pad and looked at sehun "lets get you in bed" I said He nodded and stood up taking my hand "Is daddy alright?" He asked Daddy, how adorable! "Yeah, he'll be better tomorrow" I said He smiled as we entered the room I turned on the lights and he took off his sweater. Gashes and bruises covered his arms. I bit my lip and tucked him In I kissed his forehead and walked out turning off the lights and shut the door Right when I step out the image of the gashes and bruises covering my poor little sehuns arms came back, my heart felt like it broke in two, just like the day luhan left for war..
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