My little butterfly girl

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51. Section 3, ch -51-

Luhan's pov

Lay looked at me "did you get the letter from Sargent?" He asked

I shook my head "no.....why?" I asked

"It's important, there having a funeral for tao and two new guys are getting unrolled, we have to be there by next week dressed in full uniform, will be staying at home base" lay said 

"Really?!" I asked

Lay nodded "really"

"Okay, doesn't seem to bad" I said

"Me and you can go with JR and mir, where leaving on Friday" lay said 

I nodded "okay" 

When lay and zelo left there was a knock on the door 

I got up and opened the door there standing was mir, bom and two other girls

Mir waved slightly "I brought your sister" he said 

I looked at bom and she hugged me tightly "luhan!" She said 

"Bom?" I said

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