My little butterfly girl

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49. Section 3, ch 49

Her pov 

Sehun held luhan's hand walking into the house. Sehun was like soooo adorable

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Sehun looked up at the house "whoa, this is the biggest house ever!" He said 

Luhan chuckled "this is your home now" he said 

I smiled at luhan, he really does make a good father I thought.

Sehun smiled "this is so cool!" He said 

"You can meet your uncle later" I said 

"I get a uncle to?!" Sehun said.

I nodded "and a grand mother" 

Sehun hugged my leg "this is the best thing ever" he said taking my hand 

We followed luhan in side, he closed the door behind us and took off his jacket.

I took sehun upstairs to where his room was going to be "it's not finished yet but this will be your room, what would colour would you like the walls to be?" I asked

He looked around "blue!" He said 

"Any suggestions on what you want?" I asked

"Books?" He asked 

"Of course, what kind of books do you like?" I asked 

"Books about adventures!" He said 

I smiled, he seemed so happy about everything 

"Do you like action figures?" I asked 

He nodded 

"Anything else you like?" I asked 

"I like to draw" he said 

"Is that it?" I asked 

He nodded "that's it" 

"Will have your room ready in no time, I hear you are from china, luhan is from china. What kind of food do you like?" I asked

"I like kimchi, kimbaps, ramen and waffles" he said 

I laughed "would you like anything to eat?" I asked 

He shook his head "no thank you" 

I smiled as he hugged me "thank you" he said in a small voice 

I hugged back "your very very welcome"

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