My little butterfly girl

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48. Section 3, ch 48

Zelos pov 

"So we solved young guks emergency, what now?" I asked

"My sister is in after school, there at the pledis centre, want to stop by?" Young jae asked

I nodded "sure"

We got into my car and drove down the road 

My phone went off "what does it say young jae?" I asked 

He picked up my phone "it's from brittany and it says guess what! You have a nephew"

My eyes got wide "what!" 

"That's what it says!" Young jae said 

"You do miss a lot when you go to korea, with reminds me I have to pick up chunji. Can he come to?" I asked 

"Who's  chunji?" He asked 

"He's my brother" I said

Young jae nodded "sure I don't care" 

"Witch reminds me another thing, text brittany on my phone and tell her she has another brother" I told young jae 

"So many surprises today" young jae said 

I nodded "I know right"

"Brittany says, what?! Sense when?" Young jae said

"Tell her sense a week ago" I said 

He nodded as I pulled up to the cube entertainment centre 

Young jae gave me a weird look "why are we here?" He asked 

"My brother is in teen top" I said 

"Oh that chunji! I seen him on TV" 

I nodded as chunji walked out and got into the car "hello!" He said

"Hey chunji" I said

"Hi" young jae said

"Where going to the pledis centre" I said 

Chunji nodded 

"Brittany said she wants you to go over later" young jae said

"Okay" I said 

Young jae gave me directions and we went inside by the time we came out, me and young jae had a record deal

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