My little butterfly girl

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44. Section 3 ch 44

Zelos pov

I got in to my car and drove to young jae's house. Me and young jae we where going to pick up mir from the air port sense luhan was busy.

I parked next to young jae's and waited a bit, in no time your jae came out and got into the car. "Ready?" I asked him 

He nodded "I'm ready" he said.

I pulled out of the drive way and down the road to the air port, "do you know this guy?" Young jae asked 

"no, but I'm doing this for luhan. You know cause one day he can be my brother in law" I said 

Young jae nodded "very true" he said 

We waited a bit till mir came out and got into the car.

"Hey" he said

"Hi" I said 

"Sup" young jae said 

"Nothing really, and you?" 

"Nothing really" young jae said 

I pulled out and begun driving back down town 

"So where are you staying?" I asked mir 

"I'm staying in the hotel on forth street" he said 

I nodded and kept driving till I got to the hotel "have a good trip!" I said to mir 

"I will thank you!" He said 

He got out and walked into the hotel

"What now?" Young jae asked

"GTA 5?" I asked

"Your so smart" young jae said 

I laughed and drove home "mom and dad are at work" I said 

Young jae nodded and followed me inside "you have a really big house" he said 

I nodded "it is isnt it"

I looked at my phone and seen that young guk called me three times and texted me one saying hurry there's an emergency 

I turned to young jae "young guk says there's an emergency, lets go"

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