My little butterfly girl

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38. Section 2, ch 38

Brittany's pov

I woke up into luhan's arms and smiled.

I got up and walked down stairs making some coffee. I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV, Turing on the news.

There was a robbery on 3rd street. Not surprising there always getting robbed anyway.

I sat back and then seen a teenage boy shot on Main Street.

I watched carefully  as the the lady came on and started talking

"Tragic news of a teenage boy shot on Main Street, the guys with him said that they where minding there own business and then they heard gun shots, poor daehyun was shot right in the head by a 'stray bullet' stay tuned"

I thought daehyun? Isn't he a guy zelo knows? 

I shrugged as luhan walked downstairs and sat next to me.

"Good morning" I said smiling.

"Good morning" he said kissing my forehead

"How did you sleep?" I asked him 

"Pretty good" he said.

"Just then on the news it said a guy named daehyun got shoot, isn't he a friend of zelos?" I asked

Luhan nodded "yeah, I think so"

I picked up my phone and dialled zelo's number 

I waited for a wile but no answer  I frowned when I relized he was in busan.

Another report came on about a teen gone missing when a picture came up I realized it was tao

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