My little butterfly girl

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37. Section 2 ch 37

Zelos pov

I woke up in a different room, but then I remembered I was with my parents, my real parents in busan Korean. I had a older brother named chunji, he was funny but sometimes very retarded.

I walked down stairs where chunji was eating kimchi "good morning" I said

"Good morning" he said "want any kimchi?" He asked 

I shook my head "no thanks" I said 

He nodded and finished eating "when your ready mom and dad wants to talk to you down stairs" chunji said 

I nodded "okay, thank you" 

I walked downstairs and went into dads office

"Hey kiddo" dad said smiling 

"Hi" I said 

"Sit down" mom said patting the seat next to her.

"You know zelo, we have made a huge mistake seeing is how you've grown up not even knowing us. But it was a ruff time for us and we are very sorry. So zelo, do you want to stay here with us?" She asked 

I gulped "uhh you see, I'm happy with the family I have back in Seoul, and I love you guys to it's just I can't stay here. I will visit, but I think I want to stay in Seoul" I said 

She nodded "that's okay" she said hugging me.

I hugged back then walked up stairs.

Do I want to stay here? I asked my self. I really do love it here but I told dad I was going back. What am I going to do?

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