My little butterfly girl

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36. Section 2, ch 36

Luhan's pov

I sat next to brittany and she looked up at me " was it?" She asked

"It was very difficult" I said

She frowned "hopefully you won't have to do it again" 

I nodded "hopefully"

"Is tao and lay.....alright?" She asked 

I nodded "there's only one guy on our team that died" I said 

"Who?" She asked

"Kyung" I said

"What happened to him?!" She asked worried 

"He got shot in his head and died right away" I said

"Oh...I'm sorry" I said 

"I didn't know him that well, so don't worry about it" I said 

She nodded and set her head on my shoulder "I'm just glad you made it back safely" she said

"I promised you id be back" I said 


"I found something out from our leader, I have a sister. And she's a singer" I said 

"Really?!" She asked 

I nodded "yup her name is park bom" 

"That's so cool!" She said

"I don't remember her that will but I heard she was looking for me" I said

"Did you find anything out about your parents?" She asked 

I shook my head "it's seems they deleted all there contacts, there no where to be found" I said 

She frowned "I'm sorry luhan" she said 

"It's alright" I said 

Brittany turned on the TV and turned it to the weekly idol 

"Hey your sister is on here this week" she said pointing to her  "she looks a lot like you!" She said

She did look a lot like me, maybe she would know something about our parents I thought

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