My little butterfly girl

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34. Section 2, ch 34

Zelos pov

August 13th

Tomorrow was Brittany's birthday and I was wondering what I should get her. I thought and thought but came up with nothing, I even asked daehyun for help but he didnt know either.

I sighed and went on my phone.

Ill just stop thinking about it, maybe something well come to me then.

Dad came in and sat next to me "hey bud, what are you doing?" He asked 

"Thinking what to get brittany for her birthday" I said 

"I have a great idea" he said

"What is it?" I asked 

He took my phone and wrote it down in notes. I looked at it and nodded "that's brilliant!" I said 

"Well get it tomorrow" he said 

I nodded and sat back she is totally gonna freak over this I thought 

"I heard they found your real parents" dad said 

I nodded "there coming in a week or two" I said 

He nodded "are you coming back?" He asked 

"Of course I am" I said 

He nodded and sat back, something about the way he reacted about my parents made me feel uncomfortable, it feels like he knows something and he's not telling me

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