My little butterfly girl

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33. Section 2, ch 33

Her pov

I laid down on the couch, wearing one of luhan's sweaters and a pair of pj pants. I was watching the pretty little liars marathon cause there was nothing better to do. I was also wondering about zelo, I haven't seen him in forever, it also made me kinda nervous, why would he call three times in the middle of the night?

Zelo told me not to get involved with anything so I guess it's best to just let him deal with it.

There was a knock on the door and I groaned "why can't the world just leave me alone" I said.

I opened the door and seen my best friend yoonjo 

"Hey jo" I said 

"Hey" she said hugging me "I heard about the news, are you okay?" 

I nodded "yeah I am" I said 

"I stopped by cause I just came back from Seoul, I brought kimchi and cookie dough ice cream" she said 

I smiled "you know me well" I said 

She laughed and nodded "of course I do,
And I brought the latest issue of ceci magazine"

I smiled and moved so she could come in "this place is very nice" she said 

"I guess so, the walls need a new coat of paint" I said

"Id go with a cranberry colour, it would look nice" she said 

"You think so?" I asked

She nodded "it would match the kitchen"

"You are so good at this" I said 

She laughed and we sat on the couch

"So what's new with you jo?" I asked 

"The usual" she said 

"What about minhyun? You still dating him?" I asked 

She nodded "yup, he's just gone to work" she said 

I nodded "at least you know how I feel" 

"I heard about you and Harley" she said

I nodded "she's little idiot as always" I said .

"Not surprising" yoonjo said 

"Have you heard from me brother?" I asked

She nodded "this gang was gonna shoot him but this guy named himchan stood in front of him, when himchan was on his way to the hospital, zelo and three other guys got in to a car accident, after zelo got shot"

I felt tears come to my eyes "I-is he okay?" I asked 

"I really don't know" she said

on the inside I felt guilty, this wouldn't of happened if I answered.

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