My little butterfly girl

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28. Section 2, ch 28

Luhan's pov

It felt like years tell we got to china. Once we got off the plane we got onto a bus that would take us to home base.

"I was forced to come here, what exactly do we do here?" I asked.

JR looked up at me "well when we get there we get to sleep but tomorrow we wake early and have training, some days well have classes  and others will train, coming around in August  is when we fight, also quick tip sense your new, you only listen to kwon when it's for the fight but other then that listen to the Sargent" he said 

I nodded, kinda sacred of what this 'Sargent' might look like.

We got to home base In no time and the place was huge. We walked inside and walked to our dorms. Witch was pretty big. 

I sat on one of the beds and sighed "should I be talking Chinese?" I asked tao.

He shook his head "it's not needed, as long as the other side doesn't understand you, your good" he said.

I nodded and looked at tao "is this your first year here?" I asked him

He shook his head "nope, it's my second year" he said.

I nodded and looked out the window. "Who's that?" I asked.

Tao looked out and he started to look nervous. "That's the Sargent, if he comes get in ready position okay, you do know what ready position is right?" 

I nodded "okay good" tao said 

It wasn't before long the Sargent came in, and lets just say. He looked mad.

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