My little butterfly girl

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25. Section 2, ch 25

Zelos pov.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I was still in the car, I looked next to me where Jong up was sitting wide awake. I looked in the front. Daehyun was awake and so was youngjae. 

Was this all a dream? I looked out the window and seen we where still in the ditch.

Nope, not a dream I thought.

Jongup used a crow bar to open the doors. We all got out and young jae looked at Jong up weirdly. "What, I Carrie it just in case"  Jong up said

"What now?" Daehyun said. 

"We call a cab" I said taking out my phone

"That's why your the smart one" Jong up said.

"No bars" I said.

"We can run?" Young jae suggested.

"The hospital is 20 miles from here" I said.

"Ugh!" Daehyun said and sat on a rock.

I felt this pain in my chest and the others looked at me shocked. 

I looked up and seen the same guy that shot him chan.

Smoke was coming out of my chest like serious smoke.

I collapsed to the ground "zelo!" They all called out

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