My little butterfly girl

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23. Section 2, ch 23

Zelos pov 

I waited for us to get to the hospital, it seemed to be taking for ever. I just couldn't get himchan getting shot right in front of me out of me head, I was the one who was supposed to get shot, why did he stand in front of it? I kept thinking and thinking but I lost my train of thought when young jae yelled out "watch out daehyun!" 

I looked in the front of us and seen a car fastly heading straight towards us.

Daehyun turned the wheel and the breaks cut lose. We slid across the road and flipped a couple times into a ditch. 

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around, Jong up was fine, so was young jae.

"Daehyun" young jae said shaking daehyun.

"Daehyun!" He said again.

"We need help!" Jong up called out.

I started to feel tired, was this natural? I slowly closed my eyes.

"ZELO!" Was the last thing I heard

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