My little butterfly girl

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22. Section 2, ch 22

Her pov

The next day me and luhan already had everything unpacked, the house was already starting to feel like home.

There was a knock on the door and luhan stood up. I watched as he opened the door to two big tall men dressed in black suits, they talked in Korean for a bit then passed luhan a sheet of paper, luhan closed the door and sat next to me. I  looked at the paper and realized it was a certificate for the army i cover her mouth as tears stung in her eyes. "Luhan, please don't go." He frowned and looked me in the eyes "I have no choice, but I know one thing. I well come back for you, I promise"

Tears fell down my cheeks as I hugged him tightly.

"Luhan please don't do this"  i said

"I have no choice, I have to protect my country. These people killed my brother, I'm not just gonna let them invade china, I want to be able to take you there when it's safe" he said rubbing my back.

"I'm just scared you'll get hurt luhan.." I said 

"Dont worry about me, any other way I well come back" he said

"You promise?" I asked

He nodded "I promise"

He took out the sheet again and begun reading through it " tao, lay, xiumin, Chen, Kai, Ravi, JR, N, mir, chunji, Ricky, cap, changjo, park kyung, kwon, zico, b bomb, taeil, p.o, jaehyo, and hongbin are the members on the Chinese side" luhan said.

"Not tao and lay" I said frowning

"Maybe you should stay with zelo wile in gone" he suggested.

I shook my head "ill stay here" I said whipping some tears from my eyes. 

"Please don't cry butterfly" luhan begun "it breaks my heart"

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