My little butterfly girl

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87. Final chapter

Her pov

It's been years, sehun was gone to collage, dong hoon wasn't with us anymore....... Zelo either 

Zelo was in a horrible car crash and sadly didn't make it out alive 

Over the long time, luhan begun to get sick. And not just a cold, I mean very sick. 

Every day it seemed to get worse and worse.

It came to the point where I brought him to the hospital. The doctors said that he would recover fastly, I didn't believe them. 

No matter how much medication they put him on, nothing worked.

It came to the point where he needed a heart monitor and a IV

Right now I was sitting on a chair next to luhan's bed like I did everyday 

Today, he seemed different, he seemed like he knew something that he wasn't telling me 

He took my hand and looked me in the eyes "brittany, no matter what happens, let me tell you this. I always love you okay, I love you and I love sehun and I will always love the both of you until the end, no matter what, you will always be my little butterfly girl"

I nodded and looked at luhan as tears begun to fall down my face, it wasn't till weeks later that I knew what he meant. The doctor called and told me that he slipped into a coma and that there was no way he would get out 
I called sehun to tell him but the was no answer. 

"I am always you little butterfly girl luhan, always" I whispered

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