My little butterfly girl

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6. Ch 6

Kris's pov 

*years ago* 

"LUHAN!" I yelled, "LUHAN!" I yelled again.

Luhan is my 9 year old brother and Im searching for him. 


I waited a bit but got no answer.

I ran again "LUAHN WHERE ARE YOU!" 

We lived in China and at the moment war was breaking out, I had to find him before I'm to late.

I ran past soldiers with guns, knifes and swords, I ran as fast as I could. I wasn't gonna stop either.

"LUHAN!" I yelled again.

I got to a dead end, I looked around in circles to see if I could spot him.


I looked ahead and I seen him with several other older men, Luhan got into the back of a van and tears formed my eyes.

"LUHAN!" I yelled as I ran after the van. Two men got out and grabbed both my arms pulling me back, I seen luhan from the back window, tears in his eyes

"LUHAN!" I yelled for the last time. One man took out a sword and drove it into my stomach , I looked at luhan, he had a terrified look on his face 

"KRIS!" He yelled as the car drove away.

I laid there, dizzy, not sure what to do, I cried out but no sound came out.

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