My little butterfly girl

Read to find out


4. Ch 4

Her pov (again) 

I started watching TV as I heard  the door open and close and I seen zelo walk in.

"Where were you?!" I asked 

"I was with daehyun" he said

"Zelo you know how I feel about those people" I said

"Brittany there not bad influences" he said

"Oh trust me zelo I know exactly what there like" I said 

"No you don't brittany, the are really nice people" he said.

"Zelo I'm older there fore im wiser, Im not doing this cause I don't like you, I'm doing this your your sake zelo" I said.

"I can do things on my own!" He yelled

"I'm only doing this cause I don't want you to end up like dad!" I yelled back at him

I seem tears coming to his eyes, I realized I took this to far, I knew he got sensitive when I talked about dad.

"Zelo don't cry.." I said

"Just leave me alone!" He said walking away from me.

A few minutes later I heard his door slam.

"Yup, I took this way to far" I said.

I sighed "he's gonna have to learn" 

I walked up stairs and opened the door to the guest room to make sure i never woke luhan up.

I looked inside and he was sound asleep, I smiled and shut the door quietly. 

I turned to zelos door and sighed as I walked to my room and looked at all the pictures on my wall, most of them where me and zelo. We had a really good bond, what ever happened to us.  

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