My little butterfly girl

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18. Ch. 18

Luhan's pov

I woke up and threw on a short then walked down stairs.

"Good morning lulu!" Brittany said and hugged me, I hugged back "morning" I said with a smile.

"Good morning luhan" mom said.

"Good morning" I said 

"Wow lots of good mornings" zelo said.

I cuckled and nodded. "Me and mom are going shopping so you and zelo can play GTA 5" she said 

"Sounds good to me" I said sitting next to zelo who was doing math homework. 

"What are you doing in math?" I asked him

"Stuff with variables, I have no clue what I have to do" he said

"Can I see?" I asked.

He nodded and passed me his text book. I looked through and nodded "so you don't get how to do this?" I asked. 

He shook his head and I explained it to him.

"This makes more sense now, you better at teaching then my teacher and your still in high school" he said 

Brittany smiled and walked over kissing my cheek. "I'm going now, bye love you"

"Bye, love you to" I said as she walked out.

When zelo finished we played GTA 5 for hours and ended up finishing it by the time brittany got back. 

"That was awesome" zelo said before he walked up stairs

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