My little butterfly girl

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15. Ch 15

Brittany's pov 

"So what should we get zelo for his birthday?" I asked luhan 

"I think we should get him GTA 5" he said 

"Good thinking" I said. 

Luhan got up, "lets go before the store closes" he said  and held out his hands to help me up.

I smiled as we walked back to the car.

We drove to the store and walked inside.

"Do you like minecraft?" I asked.

He nodded "yeah, it's one of my favourites" 

"Then we should get this" I said holding up mine craft for x box 

"We totally should" he said 

I picked up GTA 5 and passed it to luhan "there two great games in 5 minutes, how awesome are we" 

He chuckled "very awesome" he said as he led the way to the check out.

We paid for the games and got back into the car.

"The sky looks so pretty!" I said

"Do you want to go to the water fall?" He asked.

I nodded, that place was amazing, being there with luhan made it even more romantic then it already was.

He smiled and parked the car, he opened the door for me and grabbed my hand. We walked to the wall and he moved the stone, we both climbed through and  walked through the meadow.

It was very calm and warm. We walked through the water fall and sat on the bench.

I sat on his lap and he sang to me quietly in my ear.

"You have a very beautiful voice" I said 

He smiled and kissed my cheek "thanks butterfly" he said

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