My little butterfly girl

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13. Ch. 13

Her pov 

I walked to zelos room with luhan following me.

I knocked on his door and waited "it's open" he called out.

I opened the door and walked in to zelo watching pretty little liars I gave him a weird look "what are you doing?" 

"I'm board" he said.

I rolled my eyes "zelo I have some one id like to introduce you to" 

He nodded and kept watching TV, I turned it off "life is more then pretty little lairs" I said. 

"I bet you Lucy hale would disagree" zelo said.

I shook my head and mentioned luhan to come in. He walked in slowly and waved at zelo "hey" he said.

Zelo looked at him "sup" he said.

"Nothing really you?" Luhan asked.

"Well I was watching pretty little liars until she turned it off" zelo said 

Luhan laughed and so did I.

"So do you like playing video games?" Zelo asked luhan.

Luhan nodded "mhm I do"

"What's your favourite video game?" Zelo asked.

" hmm GTA 5" luhan said.

Zelo stood up and walked over to me "he's a keeper" zelo whispered in my ear.

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