~Unspoken Love~


2. Chapter Two

Chapter 2-  


We came to a sudden stop, glass shattering as Niall held onto me with all his power, as I clutched onto him, burying my face inside his chest, as I let small weeps out , clearly scared.


“Danielle, everything is going to be alright.” his fingers were going through my hair as he was kissing my forehead softly, whispering comforting words in my ear. Yeah it helped a bit, but soon my eyes started to close.


“No, Danielle. Keep your eyes open! Just for a few minutes, until the ambulances get here! Please just keep them open. I can’t lose you, I sure wouldn’t be able to live without you. Please, keep your eyes open.” his voice whispered as he caressed my cheek slowly, as he held my oh so fragile body in his arms. Niall and I always had this special bond that if one of us were hurt, or if the other was gonna die, the other would go through the same thing, no matter how stupid it was.


“Niall, promise me something, yeah?”


“Yeah, of course.”


“If I don’t come back alive, promise me that you’ll do everything in your power to stay strong. Don’t kill yourself because of me.”


“I promise. But make a promise to me also.”


“Ok, what would that be?”


“Try your best to stay alive. You know I can’t live without you.”


“I promise, I’ll try.” by the time those words left my mouth, the ambulances have arrived, Niall’s hands entwined with mine, slowly being pulled apart, my eyes slowly closing.


-Nialls point of view-


Her eyes closed as she got out of my arms, I sure hope she is alright. I took one last look at her cut up, bruised, and bloody arms before she left. This was so insane. I looked back, and noticed that Greg was being taken away also. His eyes closed, his face filled with cuts, his arms covered in blood.


"Sir, are you coming with us?" A tall guy tapped me on the shoulder, pointing to the ambulance that had Danielle inside.


"Yea, of course." I hopped inside with him, as they started to hook IV's inside her arms, putting a breathing mask over her face. The sight was just horrific. Something that'd give you nightmares for days, weeks, maybe months. I sure hope everything goes back to normal.


Once we got to the hospital, they rushed her inside, with Greg not that far behind. As I was about to follow into the room with Danielle, one of the male nurses stopped me.


"I'm sorry, but you're not allowed back here with her. Doctors orders."


"But I'm her brother!"


"She needs to have surgery on her stomach, a piece of glass got wedged really deep inside there. So you're not allowed back there."


"Fine. Just make sure she's gonna be alright. I'm counting on you guys." I sighed as I walked away and into the gift shop, hoping to find her a 'get well' gift. As I was looking at the teddy bears, and the necklaces beside them, I noticed a girl liming across the street. Well that's odd, I thought.


"How long are you going to be open til, today?" I asked the nice elder which was the cashier.


"10:30pm. Then we open at 6:45am tomorrow, if you wanna come back then." She smiled.


"Ok, thanks." With that, I left. Looking both left to right, I noticed the girl had disappeared. So I started walking the streets, hoping to find her. When I got to the park, I noticed the same girl from earlier, sitting on the park bench, wiping tears away from underneath her eyes.


"Are you alright? You seem upset." I sat down beside her. She looked at me and half-smiled.


"Depressed is more like the word."


"Why is someone beautiful like you depressed? Please don't think I'm creepy, but I'm just trying to help."


"Well.. My stepdad just kicked me out of the house, since I just turned 17 today, and he's been abusing me since my mum left, which was like 7 years ago." She wiped some tears away.


"Holy shit, I'm so sorry. But happy birthday by the way! Are you hungry? It's almost noon, and I was thinking I could take you out for a bit. Get to know you better." I smiled.


"Uh sure why not? And thanks, seems like I can trust you already." She smiled back.


"You have an amazing smile, you know that?"


"Thanks." She blushed.


"No problem beautiful. Are you ready to go?"


"Yeah." I took her hand and helped her up, noticing she was still limping.


"Here, get on top of the bench and get on my back, I'll carry you."


"But I weigh too much." She looked down.


"No, you don't. You don't even look big. You look perfect."


"But I .. Fine." She sighed, then hopped on my back, wrapping her legs around my waist.


"I told you, you don't even weigh much. Where would you like to go to eat?" I questioned, as I started walking.


"Hmm... How about ... That one place. Uh what's it called? Nandos?"


"Omg, I love that place!"


"Same here! I've always had it when my mum was around." I could tell that she was starting to get upset, while thinking about her mum. But I just had to ask.


"I know you don't wanna talk about this, but what happened to your mum?"


"My stepdad killed her, he abused her also... Then one day she was gonna get a divorce on him, and he just .. Shot her. He's always wildly drunk, and he doesn't know what happened. But I was there, I saw it happen. He always blames me on her death, since he doesn't know why. Others think she went on a cruise before, and that she was in a cruise wreck, not making it all the way. But yeah, he came home from work one day, my mum was cradling me, and he just shot her. Her body was on top of me, but I was skilled already, from my biological dad, and so I got out of underneath her limp body... And ran up to my room, locking the door. I was only 10 then. I tried calling the police, but he unhooked the wires to the phone lines, and everything else." Her voice started to fade in sadness, as I could tell tears were filling her eyes.


"I'm so sorry, you deserve so much better than any of this. Listen, I'm here for you now. I'll be your guard, I'll protect you. No worries."


"Thank you, for everything. Thanks for listening most of all. It's been locked up inside me so long, it feels great to talk about it." She hugged me. I smiled, taking notice how I was changing someone's life already.


"That's what I'm here for. What do you want from Nandos?"


"Hmm.. How about the Perri - Perri chicken? That sounds like really good. With a raspberry tea." She smiled, as we got up to the register.


"And for you?" The cashier asked.


"The same, but instead of a raspberry tea, I'll take a regular tea, with lemon on the side. With two icecream cones please." I smiled.


"Ok, is that it?"


"It sure is!"


"Ok, your total is going to be 15.45$." I handed her the money then sat at a table with the girl. I still haven't caught her name. I sat her down, then sat right across from her.


"This may sound weird, but what's your name?" She asked. Wow she's a mind reader.


"I'm Niall, I was about to ask the same question to you. What's yours?"


"Diana." She smiled. I dropped my ice cream cone which landed right on my pants.


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