~Unspoken Love~


3. Chapter Three

Chapter 3-

"Are you alright?" Her sweet voice, asked in concern. It can't be her tho, it just can't be.


"Uh yeah. The cone is just like.. Yanno. It slipped." I fumbled upon the words, as I looked at her in the eyes.


"Um.. Ok.. So can we stop by my house, well what used to be my house.. So I can grab a few of my clothes?" She asked.


"Yeah, of course!" I smiled, as I wiped the ice cream of my jean pants. After we ate, we went back to her house, as she told me the ways how to get there. Once we got there, she slowly opened the door like she was waiting for something bad to happen.


"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DIANA? YOU DIDN'T HAVE ANY PERMISSION TO LEAVE!" An older man smacked her, causing her to flinch. I pulled her out of the way, and jumped on top of the guy, tackling him to the ground with fists to his face, causing blood to spurt out everywhere.


"You don't ever hit a girl. Do you hear me?" I held his face close to mine, gritting my teeth. As he nodded, after u shoved him to the ground.


"You think about calling anyone, you will wish you hadn't." And with that I walked out of the room as Diana lead me to her room. She slowly opened the door, as she exposed what was inside. Writing all over the walls, diaries everywhere, some clothes misplaced, the bare wooden floor, a mattress to sleep on, the window smeared, glass shattered everywhere. It was just a horrible mess. I picked up one of her journals and flipped to a random page, and started reading the short written thing she had written.


~It's already been four months, father has turned into a complete mess. He blames me about your death, he just doesn't understand. Today I tried calling the police on one of the pay-phones at the gas station, and he found me, took me home and burnt me. 2 degrees of skin burnt off. The pain was horrible, I'd never wish this upon anyone. I just wanna get out of this place.~


"I looked back at her and noticed a scar on her shoulder. "Diana, what's that? Like on your shoulder?"


"It was from when father burnt me the first time. And it wasn't the only time he has done it." She lifted her shirt up a bit, and it exposed a darker scar, like it happened recently.


"How long ago was that one?"


"Uh a week." She gathered all her diaries, and stood at the door. I walked up to her and she opened the door to reveal her father with a gun pointing right at her head.


"Leave her, and nobody gets hurt." He smirked. I kneed him in a place where it hurts, then the gunshot, it sounded like it was miles away, but it was right beside my ear, I was dropped to the ground, and a piercing scream came from beside me. I looked over and saw Diana with blood gushing from her stomach.


"There is no way, you can save her now."


"We'll nobody can save you either." I picked the gun up from beside me, and shot him right in through his flesh, watching him drop down, not moving whatsoever. I took my phone out of my pocket, and called the police, telling them everything that happened. They understood and told me to leave them where they were and that they would take care of them soon as possible. I sat down besides Diana, placing her head on my lap. Her eyes closed.


"I wish I could have helped you sooner. I was getting all these signs, and I didn't even try to help you.. I'm so sorry. Even though we haven't got to know much about each other, I know you're a bright brilliant beautiful girl. You've been through alot, and I just wanted to help you. I'm so sorry I didn't get to you sooner." a tear shed from my eye, and dropped right on her pale cheek. The paramedics came, and took Diana away as the police took her step dad away. It just disgusts me knowing that he would do that. I took my phone out and dialled one of my mates, Liam. You see, just a year ago we were formed as a band, and by we, I mean Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and I.


“Hello?” his voice chimed, in a questioning tone.


“Yeah, mate its Niall.”


“Oh! Hey! Whats up?”


“A lot..” my voice dimmed as my throat instantly got a lump inside.


“Mate, whats wrong?”


"We got into a car accident on the way here, then I met this Diana girl, and she's dead now, cause her damn father decided 'oh hey I'm gonna shoot her'. He's a sick ass bastard."


"Woah, calm down. So you're saying he killed her? What a fuc- I mean fudging idiot! Who does that to their own daughter? Ugh that just makes me sick. Wait, do you know for sure if she's dead or not?"


"She's for sure dead." I sighed, tears falling harder than before, as I checked her pulse multiple times to be sure.


"I'm so sorry mate. Where's your sister and Greg?" He whispered, he was the only one who knew about Danielle, they met when we were formed as a band, when the others hadn't arrived yet they were always late.


"They're both at the hospital. I better go check up on them. I've been so caught up with Diana that I forgot about them."


"Niall," he sighed "your brother and sister come before anything. Haven't you heard the Americans saying, 'bros before hoes'?"


"Yes I know that. I gotta go. I'll text you once I get to the hospital."


"Alright, hope everything is alright. Bye." Then he hung up the phone. I stood up while getting the keys out of my pocket, looking at Diana one last time.


"Goodbye Diana. I'll see you again one day."

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