~Unspoken Love~


4. Chapter Four

Chapter 4-



I looked at the ground, avoiding eye contact with anyone who tried to stop me, or whatever. I didn't mean to be rude, but I just need to get to the hospital, to be with Danielle and Greg. They're counting on me.

"Which way to Danielle Horan's room? And Greg Horan's also." I finally reached the desk.

"Your luck hun. They're both in the same room. Room 309." She smiled.

"Thank you." I started walking into the elevator, closing the door, but quickly stopped it when I noticed a teenage girl, come rushing inside, with her mother by her side.

"We need to get to the second level, really fast." Her mother spoke as she held her daughters hand.

"Of course. May I ask what happened?"

"Her abusive father, decided to stab her right in the leg."

"That little bastard. I'm sorry that it happened.. If anything else happens, give me a call." I handed the daughters mother my card, as they got out.

"Thank you. Means alot."

"Anytime." Right then, we lost eye contact, as the elevator doors closed.

"Hey Danielle... Greg? Any of you guys awake?" There was a sudden movement, as Danielle opened her eyes slowly, examining the room.

"This is so not how I imagined my 13th birthday." She arched back, stretching and looking around the room. I covered my mouth immediately, as I ran out, finding the nearest doctor.

"So, what you're saying Miss. Horan, is that today is your 13th birthday? Well you're 17. You're going through amnesia. Do you know who any of these boys are?"

"Uh... I think... His name is Nail.? No. It's Ni... All? Niall? Yeah! Niall."

"Great. Do you know who this young man is?" The doctor pointed at Greg, as he woke up.

"Uh.. Not really."

"Woah, what happened? Niall.. What happened? Wait. Danielle are you ok? Why so many cords?" Greg panicked, as the doctor gave him a shot, watching him pass back out.

"Danielle, have you spent a ton if time with Niall?" The doctor questioned, gathering any information.

"Kind of. I remember more memories with Niall than with that other guy. What's his name?"

"Greg." I smiled.

"Well, you can all go.. But I want Danielle and Greg spending more time together, maybe she'll remember him that way. You guys can leave when Greg wakes up in an hour." The doctor left without any questions, leaving me to wonder. Will Danielle ever remember Greg? Or will she always be like this? I shrugged it off my shoulders, I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

"C'mon guys, lets go." Both Danielle and Greg followed close behind me.

"So you seriously don't remember me?" I heard Greg whisper to Danielle.

"I wish I could, but I don't remember a damn thing." She sighed.

"Don't swear."

"Technically it's not swearing. So you can calm the hell down." Danielle walked faster so she was up by me.

"Shit." I saw lights go flashing before our eyes. Danielle gripped onto my hand, I know she was scared.

"Who are these people Niall?"

"They're paparazzi."

"Then why aren't we posing? C'mon guys!" She placed a hand on her hip, the other on the side of her head.

"C'mon Danielle, we have to get outta here." I dragged her away, as Greg hauled a cab over, to drop us off at the house.

"Why'd we have to leave?" She pouted, crossing her arms above her chest.

"They think you're my girlfriend. Nobody knows that you're my sister." I sighed.


"So they know about Greg, but not me? That's not even fair." She took my phone, putting the headphones in and blaring the music, by the sound of it, she was listening to Chasing Cars by snow patrol. I sighed, knowing I should have told them about Danielle sooner, but on my defense I was just trying to protect her. I don't want my baby sister hurt.



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