It seems as if we've fallen

Victoria Ryder was simply a girl. She had no noticeable specialties or attributes. She lived her life quietly in the small town of Kinderhook Illinois. That was, until a girl named Emily Rose appeared. Her background unknown to those in town, and her constant smile a wonder to Victoria. On a normal day, in her ever-normal town, Victoria spotted Emily running as if someone was chasing her, so on a whim she followed. Soon, she found her self surrounded by the strange, the lost, or the unknown. She found herself falling through the rabbit hole.


5. Without a second thought

In the days to follow Emily's abrupt departure Victoria felt more on edge than she ever had before. She would always catch a flash of white out of the corner of her eye before it disappeared once more.Her mother thought her to be dramatic, stating she just wanted the attention. Countless times Victoria found herself glancing towards the woods, as if expecting something to jump out and maul her. She had gotten out of the house, not being able to listen to her mother's constant chattering anymore. "I don't even know who she is!" Victoria though aloud as she walked down Kildare Ave. in the center of town. The cold autum breeze slipped through the sweatshirt she donned, a simple red shirt with the image of a circus on it that'd she'd gotten from a ice skating competition that Ashling enter when she was younger. "Don't know who, who is?" a male voice said behind her. She turned to see a boy named Jason,A boy with cropped brown hair, an unshaped nose that cast an odd shadow across his face, brown eyes that resembled dirt to Victoria, also he seemed to be  an overly cocky dumb ass, to quote Ashling, who never wanted to leave Victoria alone. " What do you want Jason?" Victoria said with a sigh, in no mood to deal with someone with such obvious lack of I.Q points. She continued to walk on, subconsiously picking up her feet a bit more, as if she was preparing to run away. "What? I can't just talk to someone?" He asked in mock defense, His chicken legs having to run to keep up with Victoria. Victoria could tell he wasn't going to leave her alone any time soon so she just walked on. "So who were you talking about?" He asked, taking her silence as acceptance and laying his arm across her shoulders. She rolled her eyes, not bothering to shake off his arm, knowing full well he would just replace it once more. "The new girl Emily" She said glancing at him. "Are you talking about that freak who runs around in the woods?" He asked beginning to laugh, getting entirely too close to Victoria for her liking. "She reminds me of that one girl, Ashling or whatever her name was" Victoria stopped dead in her tracks, glaring daggers at him as he turned around. "What babe?" He asked trying to sound innocent "Don't call me babe" she said taking a step towards him "You don't talk about Emily, you don't talk about Ashling, you don't even THINK about calling either of them a freak again" Victoria said, her anger rising. "Why are you getting so offended, I'm just talking about some girl!" He said trying to play it off  "You know what Jason? You can kiss my ever-loving ass because you my dear sir, ARE AN ASSHOLE" She finished, turning on her heel and walking quickly away from a slightly stunned Jason. She turned back the way she came and walked briskly. The edges of her slightly baggy jeans making the only noise besides her breathing. She wrapped her arms around her torso as she rounded a corner toward her house. Victoria spotted Emily sprinting into the woods. The skinny girl looked to be in complete content, a wide smile spread across her face as she ran. Victoria forced herself to move from her shocked state, she looked around quickly , looking to see if there was anyone around before sprinting after her. Running at full steam until she began tl hear the farmiliar crunch lf leaves under her boots. Emily came back into sight as soon as Victoria crossed the tree line she ran somewhere, somewhere unknown to Victoria. She glanced around, seeing the mighty oak trees, standing straight as soldiers at the ready. The fall colors fell in trickles around her as the blurred past her bolting form. The brown hair of Emily had been restrained with a hair tie, but it still flung behind her in a dark wave. Victoria clumsily dodged a tree, compared to Emily who looked as if she had done it a million times. Emily stopped suddenly, looking left and right before deciding to go to her left. She picked up her pace again, giving no hint that she knew the raven haired girl was tailing her. Leaves crunched under Victoria's boots before she picked them right back up again, ignoring her burning legs as the lactic acid coursed through them. A voice seemed to float through the air as she tried to maintain the distance between Emily and herself. "Beware of deception, for the mortal that enters will not be the mortal that emerges, should she emerge at all. Wonderlands gifts, and Wonderland's treasures hold small comfort among the danger and poison that lie at ever turn. Beware dear child for she shall not, be careful of who you trust, and be wary of who they're not." Victoria looked around her, searching for the source of the morbid warning before giving up and focusing on not impaling herself into a tree. The two girls ran for what seemed like mile before Emily began to slow her pace. In a clearing ahead of them there was a swirling vortex. Emily sprung up, jumping feet first into the swirling breach in the ground "JUMP!" She shouted before she disappeared into it. Victoria obliged, jumping forward and swan diving head first into the hole. She looked around her, seeing nothing but strange object. The strange, the unknown, and the lost swirled around her. She found herself lost in a never ending maze, falling for what seemed like forever. Victoria Ryder found herself falling through the rabbit hole.

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