It seems as if we've fallen

Victoria Ryder was simply a girl. She had no noticeable specialties or attributes. She lived her life quietly in the small town of Kinderhook Illinois. That was, until a girl named Emily Rose appeared. Her background unknown to those in town, and her constant smile a wonder to Victoria. On a normal day, in her ever-normal town, Victoria spotted Emily running as if someone was chasing her, so on a whim she followed. Soon, she found her self surrounded by the strange, the lost, or the unknown. She found herself falling through the rabbit hole.


2. Who is she?

Victoria brought her knees to her chest and closed her eyes once again. Taking a deep breath before standing shakily, adjusting her slightly over sized t-shirt that hung loosely around her small frame.

     "Ash, Do you know who she is?" She muttered half heartedly, hoping in vain for a bubbly, happy go lucky response from the blond haired girl, but of course none came.

      "Victoria! Is that you?" She heard her mother call from down the stairs, most likely asking out of some thought requirement towards the daughter she hardly remembered she had.

     "Yeah mom, It's me" She said, trying to shake the dull tone that had taken hold on her voice after Ashling's death.

"What'd you do today?" Her mom asked, her voice hinting no interest.

 "I..." Victoria began, trying to fabricate a story less morbid than what she had actually done so far

     "I went 'round the lake, took a walk through town" she said, quickly finishing her sentence.

     "That's nice, dear" Her mother replied plainly, 

Victoria suspected she had long since stopped listening. She turned to her room. Four green walls covered in old photographs of Ashling and herself. An old, dark blue carpet covered the floor, flashback of sleepovers or days spent together flashed through Victoria's mind. 

     She crossed to her closet, rummaging through the mess before pulling out a hooded sweatshirt with a faint image of a sparrow left on it. She quickly slipped it on, tugging on some comfortably worn combat boots.

     She stood, picking up a picture that had fallen from it's place on the wall, setting it gingerly on her bedside table before once again opening her door and quietly descending the staircase. The picture, of the two girls laughing, Victoria shying away from a kiss on the cheek the Ashling was trying to give her. 

     She muttered a goodbye to her mother before emerging again into the dull gray day outside. She began her walk to the center of town, a breeze pulling and playing lightly with her straight ponytail. She walked near silent, glancing up every once and a while from where her eyes sat trained on the ground. Her destination had been the library, but as she looked up, she saw a flash of brown hair swiftly turning into the treeline. She didn't know what provoked her, but she sprinted  after them, slowing down as she saw the outline of the girl she's seen earlier kneeling in front of a pure white rabbit.

   The color wasn't the only unusual thing about the rabbit, it had a waist coat, and monocole, and it spoke like a human. 

     "I'm late! I'm late!" it shouted somewhat annoyed, it's eyes glancing  "I don't care if your late!" Victoria heard the girl sigh. "Rabbit, why is the queen interfering with the mortal world" She asked, her voice dropping slightly as she spoke. "E-Emily, I told you! I don't know! All of Wonderland is on alert after her strange outburst a year ago! The rabbit spat out quickly, his eyes nervously sweeping the landscape "She's struck this town once before, they don't need a repeat!" The girl Victoria now knew to be Emily said. Victoria had heard enough, she didn't understand what was unfolding before her. She turned, running quickly back to the path, walking along to the library pretending she didn't hear any of the conversation between a simple rabbit, and the strange girl from down the road.


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