It seems as if we've fallen

Victoria Ryder was simply a girl. She had no noticeable specialties or attributes. She lived her life quietly in the small town of Kinderhook Illinois. That was, until a girl named Emily Rose appeared. Her background unknown to those in town, and her constant smile a wonder to Victoria. On a normal day, in her ever-normal town, Victoria spotted Emily running as if someone was chasing her, so on a whim she followed. Soon, she found her self surrounded by the strange, the lost, or the unknown. She found herself falling through the rabbit hole.


1. Victoria Ryder

A small girl of 16 sits in front of a gravestone on a cold, dark day. Long black hair tied back into a ponytail flutters lightly with a small breeze. The cold wind drawing goosebumps to the surface of her skin, but she ignored it. Her eyes are green, dark but prominent compared to her pale skin, freckles were splattered across the bridge of her nose. Her waist was slim, her bones slightly visible around her ribs. Her name is Victoria Ryder. An average girl, from and average town, in an average state.

     "Nothing has changed since you left Ash." She muttered to the stone "I wish you hadn't gone, it's selfish I know to put my happiness over yours, but my life isn't near as wonderful as it was when you were living it with me." She said, her voice quavered as her thoughts drifted.

     Ashling Matting has been her best friend, her light in the darkness, and all of that had been shattered when Ashling had died. Her blonde hair was splattered red, her eyes glazed over, and her lips turning upwards in the ghost of her final smile. The police investigating her death labeled it suicide, but Victoria refused to accept it. She knew there must've been another reason, she needed there to be another reason. Ashling wouldn't do that, she wouldn't just leave Victoria. Ashling had been a beautiful, happy girl, not at all the person you would expect to just drop dead of her own accord, and Victoria didn't grasp how she could be the only one to  understand that. Her parents had failed to comfort her, leaving her to drift in her own realm of sadness alone. She visited Ashling often, not being able to go more than a week or two without doing so.

      She stood slowly, laying a single rose on the grave before departing the cemetery without another word. She looked about the sullen streets of Kinderhook, watching as a group of 5th graders ran past her shouting and laughing at a joke unheard. Kicking a smal rock, she walked slowly, lost in her own mind as she passed the lake. She neared the center of town , large oak trees lined the small streets. Family owned shops as far as the eye could see. She took the path along Brook road towards her house at he end of the street.

      As she walked past Ashling's old home, which had been empty ever since her death, she saw people moving about it, and a large truck in the driveway. She stopped, startled by the sight she hadn't expected, she saw a girl on the curb, leaning against her hand and her eyes sweeping across the town before landing on Victoria. She studied her for a moment without moving or speaking, a smile spread across her face before she nodded towards her as her eyes continued searching for a new sight to see. The girl had light tan skin, eyes that looked to be a mixture of brown and green, her hair was a mess of brown curls that had streaks of blue mixed in to them. Victoria shook her head slightly, quickly walking past the house without another glance. She half ran towards her house, opening the door quickly and slipping inside. She tried to think of anything but the house, of the girl as she went to her room and closed the door, sliding herself down to the floor, closing her eyes and drifting into her thoughts once more

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