It seems as if we've fallen

Victoria Ryder was simply a girl. She had no noticeable specialties or attributes. She lived her life quietly in the small town of Kinderhook Illinois. That was, until a girl named Emily Rose appeared. Her background unknown to those in town, and her constant smile a wonder to Victoria. On a normal day, in her ever-normal town, Victoria spotted Emily running as if someone was chasing her, so on a whim she followed. Soon, she found her self surrounded by the strange, the lost, or the unknown. She found herself falling through the rabbit hole.


4. Meeting her

Victoria walked down the streets of town, no one else in sight to ask why a teenage girl was walking alone in the pouring rain. She felt the same heavy feeling that had taken hold of her, never fading, never changing, it had been one of the few constant things in her life. Crying gave her no relief as it did for most people, it simply took the edge off the blade that was inside of her for a short while. She neared her house, her old boots squelching as she took a step into the mud in front of her home. She hadn't the faintest how late it was, she hadn't bothered to take her cell phone in her last trip to the house. Victoria opened her front door quietly, water pooling on the worn wooden floor as she took a step inside. She brought her eyes up from the floor, bending down and slowly unlacing her muddy boots. She mindlessly sniffed as the remaining tears began to dry. Her mother crossed her path. "Dear lord, why are you soaking wet?" She said crossly "You're going to ruin my floor!" She said looking angrily at Victoria as her daughter looked up to her mother, in no state for an arguement. She wasn't nearly in the mood for one of her mothers usual rants. "Sorry" She said quietly. Finishing with her boots and walking slowly past her mother and up the stairs. Her mother glared daggers at her back "Don't even think about sneaking out like you did earlier!" She shouted up the stairs as Victoria closed her door. She dared not point out the obvious fact that she in no way snuck out. She stripped herself of her soaking hoodie and jeans, opting for an old t-shirt and pajamma pants she'd scooped up from the floor. Ducking into her bathroom to grab a towell to dry her hair, Victoria sat by her window, her sad eyes looking out over the still rainy landscape of Kinderhook. "Someday I'll be free of that stupid rabbit, and whatever the hell Wonderland is" It pained her to speak of something that had been so important to Ashling in such a bitter tone, almost as if the blade had been sharpened once more. Something flashed in the corner of her eye. A pure white rabbit stood on it's hind legs right below her window. It had a monocle, a read coat, and a pocket watch.  Victoria stared at it in awe, He stared straight back at her, his eyes never leaving hers. He pointed behind him, towards Emily's house, then to her's, and finally to his watch, as if indicating it was time for something to happen. That something was unknown to Victoria as she looked down as him, he once again pointed to his watch before taking off at blinding speed into the woods behind her house. She backed slowly away from her window, her mouth hanging wide open as if to say something. "Victoria!" Her mother shouted from downstairs "Someone's here to see you!" She finished loudly. Victoria shook herself out of her daze, opening her bedroom door before cautiously going down her stairs to see who on earth would visit her. She glanced at the clock of the wall, it read 7:38, "Not too late I suppose" She mumbled as she rounded the corner to where her front door was.  She quite nearly fainted when she saw the figure standing before her. A girly with wavey dark brown hair, nearly black, Her hair was unkempt, messy, but not badly so. She wore a black tanktop completely unsuitable for unstable Illinois weather, jeans and black combat boots, newer than Victoria's. She had and air of mystery, but somehow managed to still look completely friendly as she looked around the house. Her eyes found Victoria had she smiled. "Hi! I think you forgot this when we were walking about town" She said holding up an unfamiliar jacket "I didn-" Victoria began but was interrupted "Come on we can finish our conversation upstairs" Emily said grabbing Victoria's wrist firmly and dragging her up the stairs. She quickly walked into her room, closing the door behind her and turning to Victoria. "You followed me" She said studying the slightly shorter girl. "You know where I live" Victoria said staring wide eyed at the girl in front of her. "Of course I do! You didn't exaclty make it hard to figure out if I didn't" Emily said shrugging and looking about Victoria's room. "Who's this?" Emily asked, picking up the picture of Ashling off of Victoria's bedside table. Victoria jumped forward, snatching the picture out of her hands and gingerly setting it back down. "Be careful with that!" She said, slightly distressed. "That was my bestfriend Ashling" she said quietly. "But someone took her" she added bitterly. Emily's eyes widened "That can't be her" she whispered to herself "Cant be who?" Victoria asked, giving Emily a strange look. " I have to go" Emily said suddenly. Opening the bedroom door hastily and rushing down the stairs "Dont go near the woods without me!" She shouted back before running out of the house, leaving Victoria to wonder what exactly she knew about Ashling that made her so anxious.

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