The All Time Powerful Necklace♥

Mia and Mike are deeply in love . But while they were both at school . Mia has an all time powerful necklace . The murdered Liam knows about the powerful necklace . He is after Mia ... youll habe to read to find out the rest (: ♥


1. Hospital Bed

As my grandmother called me into her hospital room . She handed to me a necklace . Also she said take very good care of it . You dont know its values, with an enlarged smile . She said this maybe my last day here . Last day where !? On earth Mia she said . No it cant be ! i love you grandma !! The nurse came in and said your grandmother needs her rest . We said our goodbyes . I promised to take very good care of the necklace . I left the hospital in tears . Later that day at 11:54 pm grandma passed . R.I.P. Catherine ♥ I'll love you forever and always .
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