Beside You

*ashton Irwin fanfic* I roll out of bed, it's been so long since I've seen ashton, but I haven't gotten used to the feeling of the empty bed. I reach my hand to his side of the bed, I wish he was still there.


2. Why Did I?


 "sudden words are hard to speak when your thoughts are all I see, don't ever leave she said to me"  - 5 seconds of summer, beside you

 Savannah's p.o.v

 I curl up into a ball and wrap my comforter  tighter around me and sob. I hear my phone go off and look over to it, it's a text from Luke "stay strong, it's only for 6 months"  it reads "yeah, 'cuz that totally isn't a long time for 2 people who have seen each other 24/7  for almost a year"  I respond 

"Savannah!! you need to see this!!" lily yells from downstairs. I run down stairs.

"what is it?" I groan

"a-ashton" she responds.

"and the famous ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer was spotted leaving a popular night club with the famous Jade Thirlwall from little mix, but what about savannah? is this the end of their year long relationship? I guess we'll have to wait and see!"  the reporter says. I scream and run upstairs I grab my phone and call Ashton, after the second ring comes he answers

"hey ba-" he starts

"don't babe me, ashton. what's this whole thing about you and Jade?" I demand. Two weeks. That's all it took for him to move on. I'm an idiot for falling in love with him.

"oh God, you weren't supposed to see that," he mumbles "it was a mistake! I was drunk and she was there and, i'm sorry!" he says

"cheating isn't a mistake, it's a choice" I say. I hear him crying through the phone. "let's just calm down and talk about this" 

"i'm sorry" he says

"I know, just don't even think about it ever again" I say

"okay, I swear on my life"  he says

"you know what? lets just-" I start

"don't tell me that you're about to say what I think you're about to say" he says shakily

"that depends on what you think i'm gonna say" I respond, biting my bottom lip

"you're about to say that we should call this off until I get back" he says

"I-is there a-anything else you know about me" I ask

"yes. I can hear it all in your voice." he says "and no matter what I will always be able to"

"what can you hear in my voice, ash? I'll tell you if you're right"

"you haven't slept since I left, you cried for 15 minutes before you called and you were having a really hard time calming down. you think i'm a jerk for the whole jade thing and you cant wait until you see me so you can slap the hell out of me. half of you is telling you to forgive me and the other half is screaming at you telling you that its time to let go, but you're not sure. you just want someone to come and wrap their arms around you, but that person can't be me. Luke, you want Luke. I cant blame you, he is your brother." he says

"I know something about you too" I say, my voice raspy

"and what is that?"

"you have ran your fingers through your hair at least 25 times since we started this conversation, you haven't slept a wink in the past 3 days, and you haven't ate much either. and y-you're worried sick about me, a-about my a-anorexia coming back" I respond, tears in my eyes

"wipe those tears off of your face" he whispers "and pick your head up, princess, you're tiara is falling"  

and with that, there's a click and the love of my life has slipped away once again.




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