Beside You

*ashton Irwin fanfic* I roll out of bed, it's been so long since I've seen ashton, but I haven't gotten used to the feeling of the empty bed. I reach my hand to his side of the bed, I wish he was still there.


7. Please, Just Save Me, Please

  Ashton's p.o.v

 "you want to fucking go there?!? WELL DO YOU!?!" I scream pressing the barrel harder into Luke's head

 "ashton, you don't have to do this" he says calmly

"YES I DO!" I sob. Calum rips me off of him and I shoot at the window the glass shatters and lily screams

"ashton!" I hear sirens again, the cops are coming, shit! I bolt for the back door and run to the woods

"ashton! get back here!" I hear. I can't turn back now, I am a fugitive. I, Ashton fletcher Irwin, am a fugitive.  


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