Beside You

*ashton Irwin fanfic* I roll out of bed, it's been so long since I've seen ashton, but I haven't gotten used to the feeling of the empty bed. I reach my hand to his side of the bed, I wish he was still there.


1. Letting Go

Savannah's p.o.v

 "Ash, please don't go." I beg, tears in my eyes stinging like bleach.

 "I wish I didn't have to, but its not really an option babe." he replies. throwing another pair of jeans into his suitcase. I run my fingers through my newly bleached and straightened hair, just the way Ash and I like it.

 "How long are you gonna be gone?" I ask, letting a few tears slip out of my eyes. Ashton looks at me.

 "Babe, don't cry, please, whatever you do, don't cry." he says as tears fall from his eyes.

 "I can't help it, Ashton, I mean, you're my everything and I-i love you." I say. He pulls me into a tight hug

"I love you too" he whispers as Calum, Luke, and Michael burst through the door.

"Hey guys!" they say cheerfully until they realize what's going on

"She's not taking it well, is she?" Luke asks, kneeling down by ashton and I. Ashton shakes his head no

"Boys! it's time to leave!" their manager yells from downstairs. Ashton pulls me in tighter and I can feel his heartbeat.

"I love you." he whispers

"I love you too, but you have to go." I say

 And that was the biggest mistake of my life, letting go of Ashton Irwin.




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