Another Life

"Do you believe there's life after death?"

16-year-old, Cecilia Woods only wanted to live her life normally like everyone else. However, she is unable to do so because of the tragic accident which happened to her 2 years ago. She had lost both of her parents - even her life. Miraculously, she revived and was granted special abilities which allows her to see and hear things that normal people can't. We're not the only ones living in this world and Cecilia knows it. With her abilities, it's now her task to banish the Unwanted Souls and prevent the darkness from devouring the world.


6. Finding Myself


      "HOW COULD YOU...!" her words rolled out from her tongue like acid. "YOU BETRAYED ME! YOUR OWN MOTHER..!!" Her hand instantly swooped in and grabbed Cillian's neck. "I knew you weren't trust-worthy enough to accomplish this task," she clenched her teeth.

"She's.. not a threat to us.. mother," words came out from Cillian's mouth. Those words seemed to have enraged her even more, she lifted him above the ground with her bare hand and threw him across the room. "SHE HAS YOU MANIPULATED!" she hissed. "Why would you do this, Cillian? YOU ARE MY SON!"

"That doesn't mean.. I need to kill anyone.." he pulled himself from the ground and leaned against the wall, gripping his injured arm which was caused by a huge impact when he hit the hard floor. She narrowed her eyes, "But that doesn't excuse you for betraying me!" she said with her teeth clenched. "YOU ARE A DISGRACE! CONSPIRING YOURSELF WITH A MONSTER LIKE HER!"

"She's NOT A MONSTER!" he yelled. "I know now.. who exactly is.." he shot her a vicious stare. "You're the only monster.. that has ever existed in this world, mother." She snapped her head towards him.

"You.. INSOLENT CHILD.." she growled. She snapped her finger and two disembodied souls appeared beside her. Their atrocious eyes remained onto Cillian's. "Don't worry my dear.. There's not even a single broken mind.. that couldn't be mended."


      "Where exactly are you headed to?" Lucie ran after me. "Someplace you shouldn't be? I don't get it. Cecil, tell me what's going on."

"Cecilia!" she shouted. I stood frozen but didn't turn around. "Please.. tell me what's going on here." I slowly closed my eyes, "You wouldn't understand, Lucie.."

"Make me!" she took a step forward confidently like she always does, ever since we've met.  I've always admired her spirit, she was always so determined and no matter how terrible she was at certain things, she would keep trying until she would no longer failed. "I'm sorry." I dashed through the hallway, I could hear Lucie calling out my name.. but I needed to save Cillian. If I fail, then he'll die.. 


     "Take me to him!" I approached the soul. He seemed reluctant to take me back. "Danger..." he spoke. "I don't care if it's dangerous. Please.. take me to him. He'll die.. for God's sake!" The soul lowered his head, feeling sorrow. "Die... you will die.. if you.. go.."

"I don't care.. Please, I just want him safe.."

"They.. will get.. you.." he warned. I remembered how dark and gloomy that place was.. they'll surely be there, hidden in the blackness waiting for a prey; or rather, waiting for me. "I know, but that doesn't matter now. I need to save him." He could sense my concerns and eventually, relents. There was no possible way to stop me and he knew that. Therefore, he had no other choice. He lifted his hand into the sky and the clouds began circling above us. Skies turned dark grey and the ground below my feet crumbled and blasted into tiny pieces. I ducked my head, covering my face. Before I knew it, I stood in the middle of a meadow. I know this place.. This is where I've met mom. Am I in a dream? She's not around either.. if this was a dream, she'd be here right now. 

      That's weird.. I don't recall a giant dark misty portal at the end of the meadow. That's probably the route to Cillian's place. I have to be fast, I wouldn't want him to suffer for far too long.

The roads were badly damaged, there were houses everywhere but weren't inhabited by anyone. The streets were crowded with wandering souls. This was totally a ghost town. Everything was conquered by darkness. Transportation; cars, trains, buses were wrecked, sewage waters bubbling.. it's probably contaminated. An upside down world, where everything was darker and more violent than the real one. A partly demolished playground.. there's a marionette doll under the dying tree. There wasn't even a single sound of children's laughter, this place was made only for the dead.


      I've finally arrived. It's even more spookier on the outside than being in the inside. I hate walking down that twisted road and all along, I sensed someone watching me but couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. When I pushed the door open, it made a loud creaking sound. I stepped inside and the door behind me immediately shut itself with a bang. It scared the hell outta me, I almost fell onto the ground. I steadied my myself and moved forward. I know where I was supposed to go, this time it felt different because I was walking. When I first came in here, I was floating above the ground and I couldn't touch anything. I could even burst through walls like a real ghost, which was kinda cool. I remembered the tiny room Cillian was locked in. I couldn't bare to watch him in chains and the thought of him not being treated like a human. That was just too cruel, why would his mother allowed them to hurt him?

This is the one, the room they've held him captive. Hold on just a little longer Cillian.. As I came close to the door, an invisible force forced me backwards; sending me onto the ground. What is this?! I can't go in. I rammed the door over and over again. It kept pushing me away, disallowing my presence. "Cillian.."

      "Cecilia..?" I heard a distant voice coming from the inside. "Cecilia, what are you doing here?I slowly moved closer to get a better hearing of his voice, "I came to rescue you, Cillian."

"You shouldn't be here! Run away now!"

"I'm not going anywhere without you.." I pushed myself at the door and pang! It blew me away with an exceptionally strong force. My body has weakened but I wasn't going to give up. So, I pulled myself up with a wobbly stand. "That's enough, Cecilia. You'll get yourself killed!" he groaned. 

"I'm not going to give up!" I shouted. "Not this time.."

      I took a few steps backwards. "Cecilia! Stop it! It's hopeless!" I ignored him. I ran towards the door and rammed it. I forced myself, ignoring the electrocuting pain which jolted all over my body and eventually pushed myself inside. The invisible force shielding the door burst into tiny fragments of glass and disappeared into the thin air. Cillian's mouth flew open.. Nobody has ever broken the seal before. She's stronger than she looks..

      I ran to his side and tore the chains apart. Woah.. where did all this energy came from? I never knew I'd be able to do that. I looked at my palms.. Not even a single scratch from the tearing those chains apart. Suddenly, my visions became blurry. What's happening..? I'm beginning to feel a little light-headed..

"Hey! Cecilia, are you alright?.." Cillian rushed to my side, his voice echoing in my ears. "I.. I don't feel so well.." I admitted. "Hold on.. I'll take you outta here," he gently carried me in his arms. Everything around me to fade.. Cillian's voice became much more distant, like he was so faraway from me. I closed my eyes.. my head was still pounding, the pain which I've felt still hadn't go away.. 

Quiet.. it was so quiet... 


"Cecilia.." I felt a gentle touch. "M-mom..?" I rubbed my eyes sleepily. 

      "How long are you going to be asleep?" she smiled tenderly; the kind of smile I've missed the most. "For as long as I want to," I replied and curled myself beside her. "Where's dad?" I asked. "He's busy at the moment, dear.." her smile was weak. 

We were back here in the meadow surrounded by nothing but pure emptiness. The grass seemed to have grown taller and the sky seemed to have turned darker. "You can't sleep forever.." she brushed my hair back behind my ear. "Why not? It's nice and peaceful..

"Sometimes, you need to get up and face whatever's life has planned for you, my child."

"Life's being mean to me, mom.. I can't face it," I grimaced. "You're not a baby anymore, honey.. I agree life could be a bit cruel most of the times, but it was all for a good purpose," she kissed my forehead.

      "Now, open your eyes.. and wake up," her voice echoed inside my head.

Wake up.. wake up.. "Cecilia, wake up!" Cillian's voice brought me back. My whole instantly straighten and I spun around to see where I was. I was home.. I'm in my bedroom.

"Thank God.. you're awake. I thought you were dead.." he sighed in relief. "What happened..?" I looked confused.

Cillian rested his head at the side of the bed, "We managed to escape.." he said, puffing. It must be pretty difficult for him to be running and carrying at the same time. He must've lost a lot of stamina.. "I'm sorry for troubling you," I gave him an apologetic look. "Don't sweat it."

"Why'd you choose my bedroom as an escape place?"

"It was the only place I knew, that was safe.. My home, well.. you've seen it. It was a nightmare." I nodded my head slowly. His place WAS a nightmare.. I weren't able to see what he had gone through to get here but I knew it wasn't easy..

"So, your aunt won't mind, right? I'm just going to hangout here for a couple of minutes," he seemed worried. "No, it's fine. She'll be back late, like she always does nowadays.." I moved my gaze to the ground.

We both remained silence, drifted in our own thoughts. "How'd you do it?" he finally spoke.

"Huh?" I turned my head towards him.

"The seal.. how did you break it?" he repeated. "I don't know.." I mumbled. Now that I've think about it, how DID I do it? It was merely impossible but I managed to break in.

"What exactly.. are you, Cecilia?"

I lowered my head and turned my palms over, inspecting both of my hands, "That's something I'd like to find out too.."

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