Another Life

"Do you believe there's life after death?"

16-year-old, Cecilia Woods only wanted to live her life normally like everyone else. However, she is unable to do so because of the tragic accident which happened to her 2 years ago. She had lost both of her parents - even her life. Miraculously, she revived and was granted special abilities which allows her to see and hear things that normal people can't. We're not the only ones living in this world and Cecilia knows it. With her abilities, it's now her task to banish the Unwanted Souls and prevent the darkness from devouring the world.


7. Confession

"Everything's just making me dizzy nowadays," I complained.

      "Don't worry.. We'll get through it together.. 'kay?" Cillian smiled. "It'll be fine," his soothing voice calmed me down. I sighed, "I'm not sure how much of this I could take."

"You're a special girl, Cecilia."

Special.. I've heard that word multiple times especially from mom and now, from him. I snorted, "Trust me, there's nothing you'd want to say 'special' about when it comes to me." I threw my gaze to the sky, like I always do. "Because, obviously.. there isn't." 

"After what I've seen today and what I've known, I disagree," his eyes were fixed to mine. "You ARE special. That's a fact you shouldn't deny, Cecilia. Ever since you came, I knew right away you were different."

I remembered my first day of school and when I took a seat, there he was.. sitting right next to me. He even saw me talking to soul (which I'm not sure if he saw it).

"Can you see them?" I decided to ask. He answered, "Well, I've no ability of doing so. I could only read minds but indistinctly I could feel their presence." 

I was intrigued when he mentioned mind reading. "So, you could really read minds?" He laughed, "Absolutely."

Interesting, I thought to myself. "It sure is," he said. Wait.. is he reading my mind now? "Sure am." I probably should stop thinking. "That probably wouldn't be a good idea. Everyone needs to think."

"Okay, that's enough. You're starting to creep me out."

Suddenly, I could hear another voice inside my head, "I'll stop only if you laugh." I shook my head and smiled. Silly, get outta hear.. Cillian watched me with his cheeks flushed.

"So.. you were reading my mind when I first came to school?"

"Honestly, yes. I was just wondering.. since you were talking to yourself. I knew immediately that you were granted an ability, just like I did," he explained. "An ability.." I repeated. "..They're afraid of you, y'know?" I recalled the terrified faces of the souls whenever I'm around him. I remembered their warning, even the ones I didn't wanted to hear. 

"I know.."

"Why? Are you dangerous?" I turned to him. "I've never seen them so afraid."

"As a matter of fact, they're terrified of my mom. But they knew it wouldn't be wise either to get entangled with her son.. that's me. She was the one who cursed them, leaving them astray for ages. Even I don't have the slightest clue the point of what she's been doing.." I sat quietly, not moving my gaze from him. "She's capable of doing anything.. it fears me at most times. That's why I was never allowed to leave that place but when you came.. she assigned me into a task which required me to come here."

He pursed his lips. "I have a question.. why didn't you kill me?" Cecilia's question made him jerked his head upwards.

"If you would've done it, then you'd probably won't suffer any-"

"Don't say that," he snapped. "I chose not to kill you. It won't do any good even if I did the opposite."

      "I'm sorry.." I said apologetically. He sighed and moved closer next to me. "When you came.. I didn't even thought about killing you. Not even once, even though that was a huge task to complete." I bowed my head, "And.. you got hurt because of that."

"I'm glad I failed," he flashed a carefree smile. Hearing him say so, I smiled weakly. 

"Then, what were you thinking of when I came?" I asked.

He leaned closer and his hand caressed my face, "This." His face was so close to mine, I could barely breathe. Slowly, his lips touched mine. He wrapped his arms around me, like he did when he took me out that night. I miss his warmth, I miss the feeling of being safe. I miss everything about him.. I'm glad he's save. I'm glad he's still alive. Another day of suffering would probably already killed him. He pulled me closer and we were both in each other's arms. Our lips parted and he whispered in my ear, I love you..

I love you too.. Cillian. 

      I guess, dreams could turn to reality. I locked myself in his arms, not wanting him to let me go. He's mine and only mine. This happiness.. there's no words to describe this incredible feeling. Now, I know why he wouldn't kill me. He was in love.. with me. I'm guessing, his mom strictly disagreed. She doesn't seem like a type of person to understand but it still doesn't excuse her to punish her son and locked him like a caged animal. 

Based on what Cillian told me, the souls were afraid of her. None fought back and only bowed to her will. Somehow, she was afraid of me. I haven't figured out why but she desperately wanted me dead. Could it be that the ability I've discovered inside myself.. be a huge threat to her? If that's not the case, then why would my death be so important to her? That's probably something I should try and figure out myself..

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