The story of my life

You want to know the story of my life well you can. My names beth and im 18 years old. Everyday i get bullied by some of the class sluts because well lets just say im not perfect but one day that all changes because the hero comes to save the day. Who was beths hero will they fall in love or will it just be anouther heartbreak read the story of my life to find out.


2. thank you

Beth P.O.V

the rest of the period went slowly Louis kept looking at me a thanks smile but it got scary after a while. then the bell went "hey Megan" I shouted over to my best friend who was with her boyfriend Niall. "hey what's the gossip" she replied "well one of the class sluts called me a charity case and Louis Tomlinson stood up for me" I said "ohh someone  got a crush" she said "no "I replied "wait till he asks you out" she said.


"thanks for earlier "I said "its fine Beth will you go on a date with me tonight at say 6:30" he said shyly "yeah" I replied omg im going on a date with Louis Tomlinson.

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