The story of my life

You want to know the story of my life well you can. My names beth and im 18 years old. Everyday i get bullied by some of the class sluts because well lets just say im not perfect but one day that all changes because the hero comes to save the day. Who was beths hero will they fall in love or will it just be anouther heartbreak read the story of my life to find out.


4. Meeting Megan and Emily

Beth P.O.V

I woke up to the sun shining throught the curtians, i got out of bed and made myself some breakfast. Today was going to be a good day im meeting Niall and Zayn (Louis,s best friends).

I put my bowl in the sink and went upstairs. I entered my room, i got out my baby blue crop top, my denim high waisted shorts and my white vans.

I was putting on my make up when i got a text

From BooBear<3

hey babe i will pick you up at 9:30 xx love you

i replied

To BooBear

dont worry i will be there love you more xx

I put my phone down and checked Facebook while i waited for him.


"Hey im Emily I am one of louis friends" The girl said " and this is megan nialls girlfriend" she added.

"I am Beth, Louis's girlfriend" i said shyly.

readers note

sorry but Niall and Zayn are taken.

there is still space for liam and Harrys girlfriends


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