The story of my life

You want to know the story of my life well you can. My names beth and im 18 years old. Everyday i get bullied by some of the class sluts because well lets just say im not perfect but one day that all changes because the hero comes to save the day. Who was beths hero will they fall in love or will it just be anouther heartbreak read the story of my life to find out.


3. date

Louis P.O.V

Omg im going on a date with Beth "NIALL the sass master needs help" " sorry but I cant help im meeting Megan" Niall shouted from downstairs "well thanks for the help" I shouted back.


Beth P.O.V

"Lets go on this one" I shouted grabbing Louis hand and dragging him to the que for the rollercoaster. We waited 5 minutes till we got one "ok here we go" Louis said a bit worried "aw does the sass master need comforting" I said sarcasimly "yeah Louis said grabbing my hand as it started.

*skip the rest of the ride*

The ride came to a stop a stop and Louis looked into my eyes and said "thanks for comforting the sass master" he leaned in closer until are lips were touching next thing I knew we were kissing I  had butterfly's I just wanted to stay like this. "you need to get of the ride" the ride attendant said next thing I knew Louis was grabbing my hand and running of the ride and as far a way from that ride as we could.

ok so 5 likes for next chapter also I need boyfriends for Liam ,zayn and harry so if you want to be there girlfriend comment


* hair colour

* eye colour

* who you would like to date

* why I should pick you

ill pick the three on Tuesday


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