Negative Two

Piper has been kicked out of her gang for being in 'The Slammer', (Jail/Prison), too much. Now her father has gotten murdered. But she keeps asking, "Why would someone murder Dad?" She gets unusual Messages. A Mystery is unfolding. But there is one question.

What is the mystery?


1. Not what it seems

Chapter One-


It's nine 'o' clock and I'm walking to the gang hangout. It's an old bridge from the 90's, but the water under it dried out so we can stay under it. A few weeks ago we decided to put some ceramic tiles on the dirt, Noah did all the handy-work since his dad is a builder, and he was able to get the tiles. The gang and I always meet up at nine since when we met each other we were all nine years old. 



I'm outside now, walking towards the end of the street then go further forward. After that, I turn left, where no one goes but us, and head forward to find the bridge. We're pretty far from town, which is good, so no one can see us. Under the bridge, which is where we go if it's raining, there's graffiti made by us. It's our names: Piper (Me), Jason, Stephanie, Noah, Tyler and James. The names are intertwined into one big picture to show that this is our domain.



I arrive at the bridge, finding the gang already there. But something's different. They look glum and they're slouching. So I go ahead and ask, "What's wrong?"


"We have bad news." Tyler announces, running his hand through his gelled hair and then wiping the gel of on his trousers.


"What is it?" I ask. If Tyler is the one that's breaking it to me, then obviously it's really bad since we always get Tyler to do something that's too humiliating for us or the person he's telling.


"You're out," Tyler says, obviously seeing my confused face, "You're out of the gang."


Do my ears defy me? How can I be out of the gang, I'm the one that started it!


"Excuse me," I say, "Out of the gang, I started the bloody gang." My voice rises.


"We did a group vote," Noah explains, "So, you're out."


"And why exactly am I out?" I ask.


"Well, you're always getting into trouble and we just think that's bad for our status." Stephanie says.


Me? Trouble? Impossible!


"Like what?" I ask, thinking that they wouldn't come up with anything.


"Well, there was the time we were hanging around a store and you had no money, so you went and stole a chocolate bar." Noah says.


"And since we were all there we had to go to the slammer with you." James speaks up.


"My mum grounded me for a month!" Jason blurts out.


So maybe it is possible that I get into trouble...


"See, it's just bad for our status," Jason says, "You understand."


"Yes, I do," I say, Jason’s body relaxes, "I understand that you choose your reputation over the bloody person who started it. If it weren't for me, Stephanie would still be working at that perverted diner, James would still be getting beaten up, Jason wouldn't have girls swarming him and Tyler wouldn't even have seen the sun and still be in his stuffed room watching Star Wars." What I have just said takes them by surprise.


"Just go!" Stephanie yells, then gets up and pushes me off. I begin to walk off, but I stop and turn around, yanking of the friendship necklace Stephanie gave me and throwing it at her face.




Now I'm walking home, thinking about how my friends betrayed me, about how selfish they became I didn't even realize it. As I arrive home, I see my mum begin to cook dinner through the kitchen window. I walk inside, ready for the swarm of questions.


"Wow, you're home early." mum chuckles.


"Yes." Is all that comes out of my mouth. My mum seems to notice my depression.


"What's wrong?" She asks, dropping everything and washing her hands at the sink. Then she walks to the table and grabs a chair to sit on. As she sits on the chair, she gestures to the other one for me to sit on. I obey.


"I'm out of the gang." These five words seem to take her by surprise.


"What? But I thought you're the leader." She says.


"So did I, but they chose their reputations over me." I sigh.


"Why? You're a sweet girl." My mum compliments me, trying to make me feel better.


"It’s because I keep getting into the slammer." I say, knowing she hates it when I do.


"So? That doesn't mean they can just do that to you. I hate it when you do that and I haven't disowned you, have I?" my Mum says, It does make me feel better.


"That's because you’re my mother," I chuckle, "Besides, I know you love me." I tease.


"Just let them go, they're obviously not true friends." She says. I smile. Mum always knows how to make me feel better.




I'm in my room now, scrolling around the internet, wondering where dad is. I've already had my dinner with mum and she kept worrying over where dad was.


"Mum! I'm sure he's fine, he always is." I told her and she calmed down.


But I can't say that I'm not worried, because I really am. Dad always comes at ten but now it's eleven. I force myself to stop thinking about what could have happened and that he's just taking a late shift.


I stare at the laptop screen and go on Skype. My Uncle video calls me.


"Oi! Piper, Where's your dad?" He asks.


"I don't know, he's been gone all night." I answer him.


"I've been video calling him for the last hour like he told me to, but he isn't picking up." I can hear the worry in Uncle Bryan's voice.


"Where do you think he is?" I ask, munching on some crisps.


"I'm not sure, but he'll be back by tomorrow probably," he says, "Go to sleep, Kiddo." Then he disconnects.


It's morning now and still no sign of dad. I'm super worried. Mum and I are sitting at the dining table, hopefully waiting for dad to come. Mum keeps rubbing her hands together, making me even more nervous.



We hear a knock at the door and instantly feel hope at in our hands. My mum opens the door and hope just became mean and slapped our hands then escaped. It's a police officer, probably coming to arrest me or something. So I walk towards the door and step beside my mother, waiting for the same four words, 'You are under arrest.'


"We are here to report the murder of Richard Sullivan, Father, Husband and Business man." The police man says. My heart is torn apart, no, it actually just got slapped three times, punched five times, stabbed and ripped apart. I can't believe it, he's gone.


I look up towards my mum and find her trying to hold back tears but one slides down. I burst out into tears and she quickly hugs me tight as she begins to cry softly, but I know she wants to cry even more harder than me. I run inside and hear my mum invite the policeman inside.


After cleaning up and getting out of my night gown, I head downstairs to find the policeman and my mother waiting for me at the dining table. I sit down next to my mother, the policeman opposite us.


"Your Husband," He looks at mum, "and father," He then looks at me, "Has been brutally murdered at exactly Midnight. We have looked for any clues or finger prints and found nothing. We are dreadfully sorry." He says, and then takes a sip of coffee.


"But there's got to be something, you have to keep looking!" I blurt out.


"I can assure you, we have tried our best-" But before he can finish I cut him off.


"Well your best isn't good enough!" I can feel myself begin to cry. Mum pats me on the back and pulls me into a hug. She whispers to go to my room and calm down. I obey and run up the stairs.




Once I arrive at my room, I slam the door behind me and launch at my bed. I remember the letter dad gave me, he said I should open when I'm seventeen. I wonder why I just remeber it now. Too bad it's history, its go- I remember putting it in my drawer.


I get up, and walk towards the side drawer, then open the last one. I'm right, it’s right there in a brown envelope. I reach inside and grab it then sit on my bed and carelessly tear open the envelope. There comes out a letter.



Dear Piper,

Please do behave, since when I'm gone, I won't be there to help you at all.  Be brave and courageous, as I want you to grow up to be your best. Careful though, many twists and turns can come in the way, but I know you can take them. Because I'm pretty sure that Uncle Bryan will still be alive when I'm dead, (He always was the health addict,) I want you to listen to him. He will care for you just like I do. Will you please be good to him and I know what your wandering, 'Why are you talking about being gone?'  Come one sweetie, we both know you’re growing up now and I'm getting old, so it’s natural for me to perish.

And By the way, stay strong. Get healthy, (Unlike me since you know my affection for Ice cream). You know I love you.




After I read that, a little part of me dies inside. I really do love him. We barely fought and he didn't get as mad as mum when I got into jail. He said he used be a trouble maker like me when he was young. I asked him why and he told me that back in his day, everything was super strict. But what bothers me is that the fact that he says it's natural for him to die. It's not natural for him to get murdered! And why would anyone want to murder dad? Dad was always nice to everyone, no matter how mean or annoying they were. It's not normal.



It's the day of the funeral; mum and I are already ready. We're wearing black dresses that reach our ankles. Mum has got her hair down and is wearing a black hat to cover her face. I've got my air in a neat bun at the top of my head, since this is a formal event. Mum says everything looks good on me since my eyes from a far look black and my hair is black too. She says that I remind her of dad. I try not to cry at this, but I manage to hold it in, except for the one tear that breaks out. Mum is really soft and she barely shouts at me, if she tries to, it always comes out as a squeaky voice and she can’t help it so she laughs.


Uncle Bryan drives us to the cemetery, where the funeral is taking place. The car is silent; no one makes a sound until Uncle Bryan decides to break the silence.


“I’m sorry. I know that his friends might say that this has rubbed off most on then, but it’s us it has rubbed off on the most.” He says in a depressed sort of tone. I look up, knowing that this is my chance to ask Uncle Bryan if anything seems peculiar to him.


“Doesn’t it bother you that he got murdered instead of dying naturally?” I ask Uncle Bryan.


“I was surprised at first, but I understand that there are some very sick people in this world,” he answers me, “Very sick indeed.”


We arrive the first ones and after a short time everyone is here. I block out everything the priest says and just focus on my memories of dad. I watch as my relatives begin to surround mum and me, giving us pats on the back and hugs.


My little toddler legs walked to dad.

"Come on sweetie!" My dad’s voice echoes through the room. I laugh my weird and overly excited five year old laugh. Before I fall, dad catches me. He plants a kiss on my forehead, "I love you Piper..Piper...Piper...Piper...Piper...Piper...Piper."


"Huh!" I look up finding my mother's tear stained face staring at me. It's obvious she's been crying since there is Mascara everywhere. Before the coffin is buried I quickly go over to my dad's body and kiss his forehead. "I love you dad." I say. Then walk to my mum, to watch the coffin get buried.



We're at home now, mourning. Mum and I are looking at the photo albums and pictures of dad and us. Am I the only one who senses that something isn't right? That this murder case isn't what is seems? I feel it in my gut, that this just isn’t right. Who would want to murder dad? I could see mum break out a few tears, so I asked her if she was okay. She just said that it’s normal for her to feel this way and that I shouldn’t worry if she cries.


"Ha! And that's the time when he tried to feed you and you spit it all over him!" she laughed.

We are the champions, my friends.

We are the champions, my friends.

I quickly picked up my phone and saw who was calling. It said, 'The Gang.' My ex-gang and I got this phone where we carry around and put it on speaker if one of us isn't here. I answer to see what they have to say to themselves.


"Piper, we are so sorry about your dad!" Jason says.


"Yeah, we feel awful-" But I cut Stephanie off.


"Shut up!" I yell and hang up on them. My mum looks surprised. She looks at me and I shake my head. I point at the picture of dad with me covered with food, "So, what happened there?"


"He tried to prove to me that he could feed you while I was off to work. I came back and found you both like that." She pointed at the photo and laughed. I laughed with her.


Despite, the fact that I was laughing with mum and looking at the happy memories of my dad. I knew that something wasn't right. This is not what it seems, but I couldn't reach my hand out to the answer.



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