Niall is my twin brother, he doesn't like boys and me in the same sentence, what will happen when he finds out his baby sis is crushing on the bad boy of the school? What happens when they start dating behind his back?

This is my first movellas, sorry if it isn't the best


2. school

Sophia Point Of View

My alarm went of at 6:30 which ment I had to get up and go to school.

I got up and had a shower I got dressed into black jeans and a white crop top and let my hair down in its natural curls. I went down stairs and grabbed an apple and waited for Niall at the door. Liam was driving us too school. We got in the car

"Morning love" Liam said "morning" I smiled.

When we got to school we were greeted by many hellos, Niall was popular and I was the one you didn't mess with, they've heard all the stories! I started walking of to form but not before they yelled " stay away from boys and meet us at lunch" I ignored him because he knew I would.

I got to form and sat at the back of the class next to an empty seat. The teacher was saying the annocements and started the roll when he walked in..........

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