Niall is my twin brother, he doesn't like boys and me in the same sentence, what will happen when he finds out his baby sis is crushing on the bad boy of the school? What happens when they start dating behind his back?

This is my first movellas, sorry if it isn't the best


1. prologue


My names Sophia Horan and I am Niall horans twin. I have long blond hair with blue tips. We live in Holmes chapel, we moved here two years ago. Me Niall and mum. We go to Holmes chapel high, with out for best mates Liam, Louis and Zayn who we've known since we were little. I never have a boyfriend because Nialls over - protective and scares them away, typical!

Though I never had a boyfriend i had my first kiss with Liam, which Niall doesn't know about because he'd kill both of us for sure! I'm of limites to everyone including the boys because no ones good enough for me according to him, everytime I have a crush and they ask me out Niall makes sure it doesn't happen.

I have this sort of fling with Liam, it's on and off, I lost my virginity to Liam which was special and I don't regret it at all. Which Niall doesn't know about but the boys do, it's not so much anymore because Nialls getting more protective and Liam fancies a girl and were trying to set them up.

I'm 17 aswell Niall. He doesn't get that I'm not a little kid anymore because he just doesn't listen. It has part of the fact dads not around anymore and he thinks he right to be the dad. It's.cute but annoying!

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