Niall is my twin brother, he doesn't like boys and me in the same sentence, what will happen when he finds out his baby sis is crushing on the bad boy of the school? What happens when they start dating behind his back?

This is my first movellas, sorry if it isn't the best


4. him

He walked through the door

He had chocolate brown curls, he had the bad boy look, the boy who slept around, never had a relationship,

Everyone stared in oar, you could see the girls going crazy for his attention. I was the only one who wasn't, that caught his attention.


"What's your name young man?" Mrs Hans asked


"Harry styles I'm new" he said

Bad boy styles aye!


"There's an empty seat next to Sophia at the back" mrs Hans said


His eyes lock with mine for a moment then break as he makes his way to the back

"The names styles, Harry styles" he spoke

"Horan, Sophia horan" I replied

something about him caught my eye, wether it was the chocolate brown hair or those green eyes or his bad-boy reputation, I don't know. I found myself drifting into a day dream about harry styles


The bell went.it woke me up, I packed up and headed off for English, as I was walking I drifted into a daydream about harry again, wondering what its like to have his perfect plump lips on mine.....

next thing I know I'm on the floor, I look up and my eyes meet with a pair of blue ones, Niall

"Watch where you're going lil sis" he says as he offers his hand for me to take, I'm lifted off the floor

"Sorry, I was day dreaming again" I said simply

"Wouldn't have guessed" he smirked, I wanted to punch him, in the face, with a chair!

"What ever im going to class" then walked into English

Only to meet a particular pair of eyes........

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