This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


11. To change

Niall was determined.
"Lilly must be one of us!"
He threw himself upon me in the bed and he pushed me against the mattress. He looked into my eyes and I saw the determination in him.
"But,,," I mumbled, but he put his hand over my mouth.
"Otherwise she dies before us!"
I sighed and pulled his hand away.
"You are a little ego, Niall! You don't even care about Louis, Harry and Zayn. Where are they?"
He stiffened but didn't move away from me. ¨
"I don't need them!"
I swallowed
"Well, you need them, I can't replace all the people you've known and Lilly will not become a vampire just because you want it!"
He groaned and pulled his hands over my face.

"It belongs to the family traditions that all children become vampire!"
I sighed
"But when you told your history long time ago you said your cousin chose not to become a vampire. Lilly Can get to choose it herself?"
Niall didn't seem to trust that Lilly would say yes. He was fully aware that our daughter had a will and he could not change it.
"She's my daughter!"
I nodded
"But you haven't even tried to get her to feel normal. You put her with a teacher in the room and thinks she is pleased!"
"I had it so!" he murmured, and let a hand slide down over my body. He began to slowly move to the hip and direct, I made resistance.
"Sex doesn't make me change my mind!"

Niall did not and pretty soon he had me in his power. I knew how he tore off our clothes, how he brought his lips perfectly over my body and in the end I dropped all barriers. I knew how he penetrated and how he quickly moved over my body. As always, we ended up in a sea of ​​emotions and my fangs pressed into his skin. I knew how he bit me and we moaned against each other's bodies.


Right as it was Niall froze and looked toward the door. Lilly stood there with wide eyes, her face was pale and she just gaped. I flew out of bed and put on my clothes in a second.
"Lilly!" I mumbled, but she backed off from me.
"You bet together with your teeth?"
I swallowed.
"Is what vampires do!"

She let her eyes wander over my body and then she looked at Niall. I realized she saw that the wounds were healed. This was the first time she had seen the vampire inside of  me and I felt ashamed.
"You are ... your scar!" she stared straight at me. "Mom, I don't want to be like you are., I never want to be a vampire!"

Niall responded and came out to us in the hallway. He was wearing a robe and just looked at Lilly.
"It looks worse than it is darling, you can't tell us that you don't want to be like us!"
The tearing into her eyes and I realized she was shocked. I hugged Lilly and tried to calm her down.
"We don't require you to become a vampire and you know what I said., It's not always as in a dream, and you have to fight as one off us!"
She cried against my neck and hugged me tightly.
"Please, Mom, I don't want to live here any more!"

I didn't care about Niall responded. I hold her in my arms and she was the only one I cared about.
"Okay!" I whispered. "But we have no home, and we have no money!"
I noted that Lilly looked up at Niall.
"Can't you for once set it up for me dad? I want to move!"
He paused and became numb. I felt the spine how he struggled to not get angry and yell at Lilly. He flexed every muscle in the body and he just stared at her.
Lilly didn't give up.
"You weren't there when I was little and needed you and you can afford to help us!"
I released her and turned around to Niall.
"It's the least you can do for your daughter!"


I noticed that Niall didn't give up. He left us without a word and I knew that he was struggling with his good and evil side. He struggled to come up with a solution, but we weren't allowed to share silence in his thoughts.
"Mom!" Lilly whispered and looked at me. "Did it hurt?"
I looked at her in surprise.
"Becoming a vampire?"
She swallowed and saw flushed down to the floor.
"What you did in bed!"
I blushed to and decided to be honest.
"No, it didn't hurt. This is how vampires do it when they have ... you know, it doesn't hurt us and bite marks heal quickly!" 
she swallowed
"Will I avoid being like you?"
I hugged her again and took her tightly in my arms.
"I promise!"


I found Niall in a room and I went in to him.
"Don't tell me that you refuse to help your daughter?"
He turned to me and looked at me. His eyes were blank and he was breathing hardly.
"Nelly, I dreamed once about to get my own family with own children and my own wife. Now I have it in front of me, but I don't know how I should be. My mother was strict and I never dared to contradict her. Lilly says no to me and don't care about what I say! "
I sighed and stood near him. I searched his eyes and smiled weakly.
"You lived in medieval times, today it doesn't work in the same way!"

For the first time in my life I saw a devastated Niall. A sad Niall and an uncertain Niall who didn't know what he would do.
"I don't want to lose her or you!"
I swallowed
"You don't make it easy for us when you want to control everything and when you aren't listening!"
he swallowed
"I know, but I can't change, I try to think, but I can't handle it. Words just flow out of me and I get angry easily!"
I took my hand and stroked his cheek.
"You will always have Lilly as a daughter. Nobody can take away that from you, but listen to her. Find out what she wants. She's old enough so she knows what's right or wrong!"

Niall nodded and smiled weakly at me.
"She don't want to live here and she wants to go to a normal school?"
I nodded
"She wants to have friends, she wants to make mistakes with boys and she wants to learn what it is to be human. Here in the castle, she learns just how a vampire can live!"
Niall nodded and looked down at the floor.
"Okay, but I want to go with you, I won't leave you alone and I want to see when she makes mistakes!"
I laughed a little bit and nodded
"You get it if you promise not to be an idiot to us! Try to be normal and not get angry just because you don't get your will through!"


Lilly hugged Niall hard.
"So we're going to move and have a normal house and live a normal life?"
He nodded and I saw that he was happy again. He realized he couldn't control us, and he knew that she trusted him again.
"But you have to understand that mom and I can't stay there all your life. People see that we don't going to be old!"
She nodded and released him. Then she blushed a little bit.
"And you can't tell my friends that you are my parents. Couldn't we find a lie so I don't have to lie about why you are so young?"
Niall was surprised and looked at me. I laughed a little bit.
"Your daughter is fifteen years old, we are twenty years on the outside. Her friends are smarter than we think!"
Niall understood.
"Okay then, we may be guardian then?"


We found a village in Ireland and we chose to move there. Niall found a bigger house outside the village and it was walking distance to everything. Lilly agreed to move there and when she saw her new room she puffed out.
"And Dad!" she said. "I don't want anything new! I don't want you to buy me things just because you can!"
Niall nodded
"Okay, we don't buy anything then!"
I laughed and started to pick up the cups in the kitchen. Niall came in to me and shook his head slightly.
"Talking about that I have a lot to learn?"
I agreed with
"You don't know everything and take it easy so you can understand how it work!"


Lilly started school again and she had to struggle to catch up to the other during lessons. Still, she managed to get good grades and I think she was well liked.


One night Niall home with a chest freezer. I looked wonderingly at him and he laughed a little bit. He opened the lid and I saw several bags of blood in it.
"We will stop cutting people?" he said, slightly embarrassed. "I guess we can go back to being boring vampires again?"
I was really happy and right away I hugged him tightly.
"Thank you!"
He laughed a little bit.
"But if we encounter killers, or other idiots, we can get a taste?"
I laughed and shook my head
"You're crazy!"
He nodded with satisfaction
"I'm a crazy vampire but it took me years to realize it!"





Will be more... :3

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