This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


5. The recognition

"You can't just come and show up!" I got out of me. Niall smiled at me because he knew I still longed for him. He stood close to me and smiled big. He caressed my face and he held me close to him.
"Nelly, it's you and I! We belong together. Nobody can come between us."
I swallowed
"I live a different life now Niall, I can't just be with you when I have a responsibility towards Lilly!"
He smiled and seemed not to care.
"I can make her into a vampire and then we become one big family? We can have more children now when we know we can!"
I shook my head
"No Niall, there's no us!"

He kissed me just to prove that there was a we. He made me desire him more and I could no longer fight.
"But you can't tell her who you are!"
He smiled
"Well, I can! You have your reasons and we can explain that we went our separate ways!"
I shook my head
"I have told you that you're dead!"
He grinned and didn't care.
"I'm dead Nelly, we are dead, but we live!"
I just wanted to scream right out but he could wrap me around her little finger and make me obey everything. I just wanted to beat him, but I couldn't!


When Lilly came home, she noted that Niall was still there. I sat on the couch and looked down at the floor. I didn't know what to say. Niall sat next to me and Lilly saw that he had feelings for me.
"What are you NOT telling me mom?"
I swallowed and felt the tears came. I felt hopeless and I knew she would get mad at me. I had lied about her father, about my family and everything about my former life.
"Niall!" I got out of me. "Can you leave me alone with my daughter?"
He nodded and left the room satisfied.


Lilly sat down and she was scared. Maybe she thought something had happened and that I had to move her away from the city? I knew that I had told her about all the hazards in the community, but I hadn't imagined that the day would come when her father was here.

"I had a grandmother!" I whispered. "She left behind a diary when she died and some letters . She asked me to look up a guy who was her first love. I did it! I went to Italy and was looking for him. Once I found him, I fell for his charm, and he did everything so that I would love him!"
Lilly hadn't heard this before, and she listened with big ears on me. I looked up at her and wiped away tears .
"The man was a vampire and very alone. We found each other and in the end, we wanted to get married. He was the man in my life and I wanted to be with him forever. He made me into a vampire and some years later, we talked about having children!"

I took a deep breath.
"We got to the point where we really tried to make me pregnant. As it was, I realized that he didn't love me as much as I thought. He still loved my grandmother, although he had convinced me of the opposite. I found a diary where grandmother wrote that he was made to be with ​​me, as a replacement because he didn't got her. Grandmother gave me to him, just because he loved her so much. I didn't want to live in the shadow of my grandmother!"

Lilly came up to me, sat down next to me and hugged me tightly.
"Mom, it's okay!"
I shook my head and took me out of her grip.
"No honey, it's more I lied about!"
She stared on me and I tried to collect myself.
"When I came to America, I realized that I was pregnant and I gave birth to you. You are a child that we were trying to get!" I looked into her eyes. "I promised myself to stay away from his hand and from his and grandmother destiny. I wanted to start over and give you all!"

She almost cried.
"But Mom, you did!"
I shook my head
"I gave you lies, because your father isn't dead!"
She balked.
I swallowed.
"He's ..."
Niall came into the room.
"I'm your father!"

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