This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


8. The issue

Lilly loved our new life. Niall arranged a private teacher, so she didn't have to go to school or learn the language. Instead she would be home and her room was like a real teenager's room. She got it all and I hadn't the heart to tell her how much I hated it. Niall bought her and she jumped at the bait.


"You can't just buy things for her!" I got out of me but Niall just smiled at me.
"What do you want?"
I sighed
"Return my old life!"
He raised his eyebrow and looked at me for a long time.
"Nelly, I buy none and I just want her to be happy!"

I just wanted to beat him. Slugging my fist against his belly and see him get hurt.
"Stop it!" I screamed and sat down. I feel as the only one who didn't like the location. I was the only one who not at all liked the castle and all the others were just lucky. Niall sighed and came to me. He squatted down in front of me and took my hands in his.
"Please, darling!" he whispered, looking into my eyes. "You don't need to get so angry., You know I wish her ​​the best and she deserves it."
I avoided his eyes and swallowed.
"It's just that life in the castle are so alone. She will not make friends around here and be out like a normal teenager!"

Niall smile weak
"I have a question!"
I looked at him and sighed.
"Okay, what question?"
Niall lit up and stood up. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of me. He took back my hands in his.
"I want Lilly to become like us!"
Direct I removed his hands and shook the head.
"NO!" I felt panic. "I don't want her to become a vampire and how will you do that? You can't have sex with your own daughter?"
He laughed direct
"You don't need to have sex to create a vampire. I just bite her and suck out almost all of her blood. Then we make sure that she doesn't dry out and I give her blood to drink until she is healthy!" he smiled big. "So did I do with you one time!"

I looked at him and I was just scared. I was cold all over and continued to shake the head
"You don't need to make her life to a hell! Isn't it enough with me?"
Niall sighed and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"This isn't about you or what you think. I'm sure she wants to be like us and one day she will ask us!"
I didn't want to admit that she had repeatedly asked me to become a vampire. I had told lot of times that we had to have a man for that. Now there was a man, but I still wouldn't. I looked at Niall he wanted, but I felt the whole I refused.
"If I ask her?" he asked, "She's almost old enough to decide that for herself!"

I was still shaking the head
"No, don't do it! Please! There's all I ask for. Leave her alone!"
Niall kissed me. He kissed me as I wanted and he made ​​me succumb. I felt he lifted me up on his lap and I sat astride on his most sensitive part. He kissed me until we heard that Lilly came down from upstairs. I flew off his lap and sat down on the chair again.


"What are you doing?"
Niall smiled at her
"Talking about you!"
Lilly stayed up and looked curious.
"What do you say then?"
Niall gave me a quick glance. I didn't think he would ask, yet he did.
"Would you like to become a vampire?"
Lilly searched my eyes and she saw that I was against the issue. She instantly became unsure of what she would answer.
"Uh, I don't know!"

Niall didn't release her with his eyes.
"It's your choice and not your mother!"
Lilly looked at me and then at him. I swallowed and felt so small. I looked up at her and shook the head. Lilly swallowed and cleared her throat lightly.
"Not right now!"
Niall laughed and walked over to her. He gave her a hug and then looked into her eyes.
"No, not now but maybe someday in the future? I was about twenty when I became who I am and so was your mom too!"
She swallowed
"I'm fifteen!"
Niall raised eyebrow
"And old enough to know what you want?"
She lit up and nodded. I knew he would convince her. I knew that her days were numbered as a human being.






Short chapters: I know!

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