This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


21. The family

I turned around and laughed. Little Sarah came running towards me and threw herself into my arms.
"Mom says I have to eat my vegetables!"
I picked her up in my arms and smiled big at her.
"Obey your mother, for she knows best!"
Sarah sighed and then looked mischievous of me.
"But she doesn't know nearly as much as you think. I think you're smarter!"

I just laughed and I went back to the house with her. I saw Lilly's husband Edward to come out on the stairs and he didn't look happy.
"She's going to eat the food!"
Sarah snorted directly.
"Grandma decide!"


Lilly sat and sat on the loungers while the other was inside. We looked out over the sunset and she seemed to ponder over something. I looked at her, she had aged. She had wrinkles and there were white hairs in her hair. I was jealous of my own daughter. I was so jealous some times that I just wanted to scream.


"Mom!" she said, tired and looked at me. "Have you ever wondered why I didn't want to be like you?"
I swallowed and shook the head.
"No, I understand why!"
She smiled weakly and shook her head to.
"No, you don't know! I chose to stay human because I didn't wanted to be alone. I don't want to see my children grow up and die before me. I don't want to struggle with the blood and fear that the neighbours will find out truth!" she swallowed. "I just want to live my life and then die. I think I had missed death if I were vampire!"
I looked at her and my eyes was filled with tears.
"I understand what you mean!"
Lilly smiled slightly and looked down at her hands.
"Mom, the day I die, I want you still have contact with my children and with my husband., The day when they die, don't let us go. We are your family and we'll always go together!"


I don't know if she sensed something, but ten years later my daughter died. Continuing, she left a husband, three children and me. I cried in the rivers, but I realized what she meant. Whether I was a vampire or not, her family was my family. The family was important and I didn't ignore them. Somehow, I was instead their guardian angel and made ​​sure everything was solved.


Sarah had got a day her own daughter and one evening I was lying next to her in bed and read a story. Her name was Mary and was a copy of Lilly.
"Old Grandma!" she whispered quietly, staring at me. "Why will you never die? Mom says you have a disease?"
I understood that my granddaughter didn't want to use the right words and in a way I was relieved.
"Yes, I have a terrible disease!" I replied, smiling at her. "I guess I have to live with it and take care of you?"

She smiled and looked into my eyes.
"I have also that disease?"
I shook my head and immediately hugged her.
"No, it's just me and Louis who are sick. Rest of you are perfect as you are!"


I thanked Sarah later in the evening because she hadn't told the truth to Mary. Sarah just smiled at me
"But you're not a vampire and you aren't a bloodthirsty creature. You are who you are, but you don't ever die. Consequently, we call it a disease!"
I hugged her tightly and nodded.
"A horrible disease!"
Sarah laughed a little bit and let me go.
"Mom always said you weren't meant to be a vampire. How is it that you still chose that path? She never told me!"
I swallowed and looked into her eyes.
"I never chose the way, I was fooled, You could say that I was naive and never saw the dangers around me and I didn't know what it meant to be a vampire."

"Do you regret it?"
I swallowed.
"No, because if I had been a common normal, I hadn't experienced evening and I hadn't seen that I actually created life for the future. I'm grateful that I get to participate in the family's development!"
She hugged me
"We love you so much!"
I smiled
"I love you!"





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