This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


7. The castle

"Must we?"
Lilly screamed and was so mad at me. She almost wanted to kill me with her eyes. Direct Niall went between us.
"It's only for a few weeks!"
I wanted to cry. Niall got as he wanted and we would leave the country to go to the castle in Italy. I looked at Lilly that she didn't want to go, but he had already decided everything.
"I'm your dad and I decide!"
Lilly was so angry that she cooked. She shouted, and then she flew up to the room. She slammed the door so hard that the whole house shook.
"I knew it!" I mumbled. "You force your daughter to go to Italy in the middle of the school year!"
He spun around and looked at me.
"It would have been the same reaction in a year. She's not ready to decide anything, and you know that you as a mother decides everything for her!"

Niall saw that I was about to start crying. He raised his hand and pulled it over my cheek.
"You have to move on before people see that you're as young as before still!"
I knew he was right, but I hadn't planned it to happen now. I had wanted to plan more and maybe let Lilly complete school first.
"It's all right!" Niall whispered tenderly, and kissed me. "She knows we wish her ​​the best!"


Lilly wasn't talking to me in a week. I slowly started to pack that as we would have with us. I chose the photographs and other memories that were valuable. I knew there would be chaos, but I couldn't resist Niall. His power was so great that I couldn't say no.


The big moving car came and things started to pick out to it. Lilly was angry, but trying to help. She took everything she owned, as everything was valuable. I then went into the house and looked at the empty walls. We had sold the house furnished, so things would remain. I felt Lilly come through the door and she supported me.
"Mom, do you think dad has changed?"
I swallowed and chose to lie
"Yes, darling He isn't who he once was!"
"And you want to move to the castle?"
No, I don't want to go there!
"Yeah baby!"


In the air plane, I was silent. Lilly met a couple of girls at her age she could talk to. I just sat and felt empty. I changed my mind every time I thought about the future. I changed my mind every time I smiled at my daughter and said that everything would work out. I just wanted to scream right out and say no. I didn't, Niall had already arranged everything and it was too late to go back home. I let my eyes drift to Lilly and I saw how she laughed. She talked and she was an ignorant teenager. I wished it would remain so forever. I didn't want her to turn into a vampire and I didn't want her to feel the need for blood.


When we landed in Italy was Lilly like a child who saw Santa Claus for the first time. Her eyes twinkled and she was happy. I just sighed and felt the heat beat against me. The sun was shining and everything was the same. We collected our bags and walked towards the exit. Niall stood outside waiting for us. I looked at Lilly that she wanted to hug him, but she didn't dare because I was there. I gave her a weak smile.
"It's your dad!"
Lilly gave in and threw herself into his arms. I saw at Niall he was happy and his eyes tearing up.
"Welcome!" he whispered and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. He released her and then looked at me. We said nothing, but he opened the car door for me.


"So where's the castle?"
Lilly looked out the window and I noticed that she was tense with anticipation.
"A couple of mile!" Niall got out of himself and laughed. "I have cleaned and made ​​sure that everything is ready for you. You got to choose room and you get to choose if you want to keep your stuff, otherwise we can buy new furniture if you like."
I sat next to Niall and gave him a quick glance. He wanted to buy her love? He just smiled at me and didn't understand why I reacted as I did.
"Our rooms are okay too!" he whispered and gave me a knowing look. I sighed and looked out on the road.
"We don't sleep!"
He smiled
"No, but we do other things?"


I was surprised when we arrived at the castle. Niall had made arrangements throughout the yard and there was a pool in the middle of the lawn. I noted that there were lines to the castle and directly he laughed.
"A lot has changed and I even have a TV now!"
I looked at him and frowned.
"You mean the technology?"
He nodded
"I have tried computers, but so far I don't understand none of it!"
"I can teach you!" We heard directly Lilly chirp in the back seat. "It's just fun!"
Niall stopped the car and opened the door. He smiled charmingly at me quickly and then laughed.
"Welcome home!"


I was like a question mark when I came into the great hall. There were lights, thus there was electricity in the castle. It was clean and everything was so perfect. Gone was the dust, spiders and mice. There was even a carpet on the floors and I just gaped. Lilly ran past me and she opened all doors which was unlocked to see what was there.
"So cool!" almost screamed she then disappeared up the stairs.


Niall took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly. I didn't resist, but I felt confused. Everything was changed, and nothing was as it once had been.
"I'll prove that I'm changing!" he whispered, holding me tight. "I'll be the man you thought I was and I'll take care of you!"
I wanted to believe him and I wanted him to tell the truth. I was still unsure and knew he probably didn't tell me the whole truth.

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