This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


16. My daughter

Louis renovated the house and a year later, we sat on the balcony and looked out over the sea. I had never felt so calm in the body before and I felt like I was home. Louis took home blood bags from the hospital and we did not need to kill. Instead, we were harmonious and found our place in life.


"Should we seek up your daughter?" he suddenly asked, and I nodded immediately.
"But what if she's with Niall?"
Louis smiled reassuring to me and took my hand. He's got that look that he knew more.
"I promise you that we only meet her!"
I sighed and tried to look calm.
"But what if he knows I will come. I haven't yet learned all his abilities and he found me in the U.S. when we lived there!"
Louis leaned towards and took my hand in his.
"I know how we're doing it! Trust me!"


Louis was sure and right as it was, he pulled me into the house. He laughed a little bit when we came to a bookcase. He fiddled a bit with the books and as it was it opened as a bookcase door. It was a trap door. I just stared at him.
"When did you do this?"
Louis laughing
"Before you came here, and when I got sick." he went in and pulled me behind. We came into a room and it was filled with books, paper, and on a bench, it was different bottles with different things in. Louis went up to them and picked up a bottle.
"This is our salvation, and I have researched about hos to do it!"

I did nothing! Louis looked at me and I saw that he was passionate about what he had invented. He turned fully towards me and showed off the bottle.
"This is a perfume! It's designed to be so a vampire not recognize the scent. Squirt it over us and we will be like an ordinary person, Niall will not find us!"
I just stared at him.
"How do you mean?"
Louis smiled big and gave me a light kiss on the lips.
"It's a perfume that makes him not detect you for miles. This fluid makes sure you don't smell like a vampire, but as an ordinary person. He will not discover that you are in the country and then you can get close and he will never see you. He will never know that you was there!"


In a way, I had a hard time trusting Louis invention, but I had to let my doubts go. We sat in the plane to England and we sprayed perfume on us halfway there. I felt no difference in myself, but when Louis did the same, I noticed the difference. He smelled like a human. I was almost shocked, and he laughed immediately.
"It's a mixture of blood, body fluid and other things that we no longer have., I would show it to Niall, to help him but he wasn't interested!"
I just stared at Louis
"Do you have more things that you invented?"
He smiled.
"Not yet, but I have different plans in my head of what I want to do research in the future!"


When we came to England, it was rainy and foggy. We were waiting for the plane to Ireland and chose to keep us far away from everyone else. It felt good to be so close to my daughter and I hoped she would do well. A year had passed and maybe she had moved to her own apartment? Maybe she had started her own life at a university?


We landed in Ireland early in the afternoon and I was shaking with excitement.
"We go first to the house!" Louis said, smiling at me. He went and rented a car for us, and then we sped off into the hinterland.


"Just take it easy!" Louis said to me and I smiled at him.
"Yes, but I want to hug her and tell her how much I missed her!"
Louis laughed lightly.
"Honey, she already knows it!"
I nodded and looked out the window.
"I know she will be happy and I know she will hug me. I know my daughter so well!"


It was getting dark outside as we slowly drove around the corner and saw the house. It did look so dark, and no one seemed to be home. I swallowed hard and tried to hear all the sounds and see everything around the house. I got an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach and took direct Louis hand in mine.
"Something is wrong!"
He couldn't do more than stare at the house.
"It looks uninhabited?"
I agreed.
"You could probably drive up to the house?"
Louis nodded and did as I said.


When we arrived at the house, I was ready to cry. The house was empty and you could see a long shot that someone had smashed the windows, ripped things and it looked like a haunted house. I jumped out of the car right away and went to the door, which stood wide open. I noted that there wasn't a single living soul inside. Because I dared to walk straight through the door.


The kitchen cabinets doors were gone. It was porcelain over the floor and everything was broken. I went into the TV room and found everything to shreds. Even the sofa was torn and the TV was broken in the corner. I heard Louis come after me and he balked.
I nodded
"He must have done this, but why?"
I walked towards the stairs up and swallowed. I was hoping to Lilly's room would either be empty or that everything would be like when I left the house. I walked up the stairs and tiptoeing towards her room.


I panicked and started to cry. Everything she owned was torn, broken and her room looked like chaos. I began shaking and felt the tears came. Louis walked up to me right away and hugged me tightly.
"Just because everything is broken doesn't mean that he hurt her?"
I cried and hugged Louis hard.
"But what have he done and where are they?"
Louis almost cradled me in his arms and he hugged me consolingly,
"We will find her!"


It took us a few more minutes to realize that they had left the country. Louis saw no alternative but to start looking around the world. The first thing that came up was the castle in Italy.


"We don't stop until we found her!" Louis whispered to me. I nodded and was dull throughout the body. I had drained out of me totally and barely had any energy left.
"But if we can't find her?"
He smiled
"Then she finds us?"

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