This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


3. Lies

Lilly was sleeping when I felt restless again. Yet another night to be awake and I sat on the balcony. I looked at the moon and wondered if I would ever stop to ponder. Maybe one day I would have to find a man? One day Lilly would getting old and I would be left alone. The idea was to bite a guy, but at the same time I knew that there wasn't a reward to become a vampire. I changed my mind many times so I went along with it. Niall was, one time, against to bite me and I understood why. The nights were lonely and I felt like the loneliest person in the world. I was almost tired of the fight!


Middle of the night, I did as I used to. I crept down to town and walked around the streets. I wasn't afraid of either killers or other persons. I discovered people before the shadows appeared and I was always ready to defend myself. I walked down to the harbour and looked out over the sea. United States had become my home now and I knew that Niall was probably in Europe. It was still nice with the distance and I thought many times about what he did. Maybe he had a new girl? Maybe he still sat and missing grandma? I wondered if he ever thought about me?


"Girls like you should not be alone at the harbour!"
I looked back at eh voice and smiled at the policeman.
"Maybe not?"
He smiled and came up to me.
"I thought you'd jump in the water, but you don't look like a suicide girl!"
I laughed and immediately turned his gaze back to the sea
"No, I can't kill myself!"
He smiled and left me. I knew many people saw me as a young person, but I was older in my mind. I was experienced and I had learned to take care of myself. Therefore, it was often as I was missing my own mom. I knew she was still alive and that she had it good. I wanted to go home to England and meet her, but I knew she would ask too many questions and I didn't want the truth to come out. I didn't want people to know that I was a vampire. I agree with Niall on that rule will. Ignorance in the people was better than knowing.


Quiet, I started to go back home and I enjoyed the cold air. I never froze and I felt no pain in the body. Therefore, the cold nights that summer day and I enjoyed remembering how it once had felt. When I was little and put on my hat to keep me warm. I wondered how it would feel to freeze again. It would have been wonderful!


"Hey girl?"
I felt the acrid smell spirits surrounded me and I realized he was ten feet from me. I chose to keep walking but tightened all the senses.
"You girl stay!"
I swallowed and chose to obey him. I stopped and turned around. He came staggering towards me and I saw that he was in his twenties. He came up to me and immediately he took out a knife and held it tightly in his hand.
"Take your clothes fucking whore!"
I smiled weakly and looked at him with tired eyes. I shook my head and I saw in him that he was surprised. He held up the knife and was about to stab it in me, when I took hold of his hand. I held him tightly as I had more strength against him. He was scared and I felt the vampire awoke in me. My teeth grew and my eyes turned red. He panicked, but I held his hand tightly and wouldn't let him go.

"You picked the wrong girl!" I said cool and he just nodded with terrified eyes. "You shouldn't go out at night and raping girls!"
He shook his head and I smiled weakly at him. I felt his heart pumped faster and I felt throughout the body how his blood ran in his veins. I was so close to bite him, but I didn't. I didn't want to kill him and who would believe his words? "A vampire?" everyone would laugh and believe that he really drank too much alcohol.

"Don't tell anyone about me and this!" I said cool and he nodded. "No one will trust you again. You should stop drinking alcohol, you should stop raping girls and you should get a job or something!"
I released him and he fled in panic. I smiled weakly and heard how he disappeared for another street. Perhaps I had gotten him to change his mind? He would in any case not forget me!


I heard someone clapped hands and came towards me.
"Bravo to you, for saving him!"
I turned around in horror and met Nialls gaze. He came towards me and he smiled cold towards me. I swallowed and felt my whole body froze.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered and he stood directly in front of me. He looked at me from the bottom up.
"I've been looking for you, and thanks to the harbor, I found you."
I frowned
"What do you want?"
Niall stood as close to me as he could and looked into my eyes.
"I'm here to take you home again. You disappeared without explanation and I miss you!"
I shook directly on the head
"You are in love with grandma and I don't want to be a part of your life again!"

Niall raised his hand and pulled it through my hair. I felt that he still affected me and I had feelings for him, they came almost back.
"No Niall!" I whispered hoarsely. "Let me live my life and you can always find another girl to live with!"
Niall shook his head and he leaned toward me. Our lips met and I had no strength to resist. I felt him slowly almost caressed my lips and he kissed me so perfectly. My whole body reacted and I couldn't resist him. I loved him, but I hated all the lies, and I knew that he could never love me back. Not the way that I wanted!

"Come with me now!" he whispered in my ear. "Please come home!"
"I can't!"
Niall sighed and let his lips caress my cheek, down to my throat. I moaned lightly and was almost angry at myself. He had such power over me, and he could make me do what he wanted. Why?
"What's holding you back?"
I swallowed
"My family!"
He was startled and took a step away from me.
"Your family?"
I smiled at him and nodded
"I have a daughter now that I take care of and she's not a vampire!"

Niall just stared at me for a while and I saw that he was surprised. He first appeared just surprised but then became angry with me.
"Who's the father? You live together and you bite him?"
I lied
"Yeah, I bit him and he fills the void inside me!"
Niall was angry and he didn't seem to understand that I had moved on. I closed all the emotions and hid my sadness for him. I didn't want him to find out that Lilly was his daughter. She would never know that he was her father. I didn't want that to happen!

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